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    Birbal Singh, Gorakh Mal, Sanjeev K. Gautam, Manishi Mukesh.
    This book presents significant innovations in animal biotechnology and their relevance to humans. It offers an update on cutting-edge technologies and advances in key aspects of genetic engineering, metagenomics, assisted reproduction, biotechnology in veterinary health, as well as the role of gut and marine microbial ecosystems in industrial development. It also includes chapters on camelids, fishery, designer milk and nutraceuticals from bioengineered organisms and reviews scientific advances such as genomics and transcriptomics with reference to their applications in the animal industry. The chapters from expert authors are organised in five themed parts; Part I "Gut microbiome and nutritional biotechnology", Part II "Assisted reproduction biotechnology", Part III "Livestock genomics", Part IV "Health biotechnology" and Part V "Animal biotechnology in global perspective". Its broad spectrum makes this work a valuable resource for professionals, researchers, academics and students in the field of veterinary and animal production as well as the biotechnological industry.
    Digital Access Springer 2019