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    edited by Narasimhan Jagannathan, John Fiadjoe.
    Summary: Complications during airway management occur frequently when treating children. Although tracheal intubation is a routine procedure, there are no pediatric texts dedicated to this essential practice. The lack of specific resources and knowledge makes treating children with complex airways even more challenging. This landmark book is dedicated to the successful management of the complex pediatric airway. It explores and evaluates current research and covers novel topics such as airway ultrasonography and apneic oxygenation. It delineates the risks associated with intubating children, and their preventative measures. Aimed at clinicians involved in airway management in any form, this book covers the basics of airway management and how to perform a variety of essential techniques. Both occasional and exclusive pediatric clinicians will find this a valuable resource to support best practice. The book is supplemented by additional videos online, enhancing the demonstration of devices and techniques discussed in the text.

    Developmental anatomy of the airway / Rebecca S. Isserman and Ronald S. Litman
    The difficult pediatric airway : predictors, incidence, and complications / Nicholas Burjek
    Universal algorithms and approaches to airway management / Thomas Engelhardt and Andreas Machotta
    Direct laryngoscopy equipment and techniques / Maria Matuszczak and Cheryl K. Gooden
    Supraglottic airways equipment and techniques / Andrea S. Huang, Lisa E. Sohn, Suman Rao, and Narasimhan Jagannathan
    Oxygenation techniques for children with difficult airways / Paul A. Baker
    Video laryngoscopy equipment and techniques / Agnes I. Hunyady, James Peyton, Sarah Lee and Raymond Park
    Flexible bronchoscopy techniques: nasal and oral approaches with evidence base / Paul Stricker and Pete Kovatsis
    Optical stylet and light guided equipment and techniques / Rajeev Subramanyam and Mohamed Mahmoud
    Rigid bronchoscopy equipment and techniques / Jessica M. Van Beek-King and Jeffrey C. Rastatter
    Hybrid approaches to the difficult pediatric airway / Patrick N. Olomu, Grace Hsu and Justin L. Lockman
    Muscle relaxants / Annery Garcia-Marcinkiewicz
    Management of can't intubate and can't oxygenate scenario in children and infants / Vivian Man-ying Yuen, Stefano Sabato, and Birgitta Wong
    Ultrasonography for airway management / Michael S. Kristensen, Wendy H. Teoh and Thomas Engelhardt
    Difficult airway cart for management of the difficult pediatric airway / Alyson Walker and Britta S von Ungern Sternberg
    Extubation in children with difficult airway / Luis Sequera-Ramos, Alec Zhu, Benjamin Kiesel, and Narasimhan Jagannathan
    Airway management in the child with an airway injury / Somaletha T. Bhattacharya
    Airway management outside of the operating room : the emergency department / Aaron Donoghue
    Airway management of the neonate and infant : the difficult and critical airway in the icu setting / Janet Lioy
    Airway management in EXIT procedures / Debnath Chatterjee and Timothy M. Crombleholme
    One lung ventilation in pediatric patients / T. Wesley Templeton.
    Digital Access Cambridge 2020