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    Ying-Kun Huang, Wen-Feng Li, Rong-Yue Zhang, Xiao-Yan Wang ; In collaboration with: Hong-Li Shan [and 4 more].
    Summary: This book systematically presents 40 pests, 7 natural pest enemies, and 20 diseases and weeds commonly encountered in sugarcane production, combining clear colour photos with detailed scientific descriptions. It covers a range of related topics, including morphological identification, habits and frequency of occurrence, prevention and control measures, symptom identification, characteristics of infections and epidemics, parasitic (predator) characteristics, ways of utilising natural pest enemies, main species and distribution, fluctuation in the field, and chemical control of weeds.

    Diagnosis and control of sugarcane important diseases
    Diagnosis and control of sugarcane main pests
    Dominant natural enemies of sugarcane pest and their protection and utilization
    Diagnosis and control of sugarcane weeds
    Integrated control of sugarcane diseases and pests.
    Digital Access Springer 2018