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    Dominic W.S. Wong.
    Summary: Clear and concise, this easy-to-use book offers an introductory course on the language of gene cloning, covering microbial, plant, and mammalian systems. It presents the nuts and bolts of gene cloning in a well-organized and accessible manner. Part I of this book outlines the essentials of biology and genetics relevant to the concept of gene cloning. Part II describes common techniques and approaches of gene cloning, ranging from the basic mechanics of DNA manipulation, vector systems, process transformation, to gene analysis. Part III & IV present application technologies of major impact in agriculture, biomedicine, and related areas. The ABCs of Gene Cloning, Third Edition contains updates including a tutorial chapter on gene-vector construction, methodologies on exome sequencing in finding disease genes, revised topics on gene therapy and whole genome sequencing, new developments for gene targeting and genome editing, as well as the current state of next generation sequencing. With more than 140 illustrations, this new edition provides an invaluable text for students and anyone who have interest in gaining proficiency in reading and speaking the language of gene cloning.

    Fundamentals of Genetic Processes
    Introductory Concepts
    Structures of Nucleic Acids
    Structures of Proteins
    The Genetic Process
    Organization of Genes
    Reading The Nucleotide Sequence of a Gene
    Techniques and Strategies of Gene Cloning
    Enzymes Used in Cloning
    Techniques Used in Cloning
    Cloning Vectors for Introducing Genes into Host Cells
    Isolating Genes for Cloning
    Impact of Gene Cloning
    Improving Tomato Quality by Antisense Rna
    Transgenic Crops Engineered with Insecticidal Activity
    Transgenic Crops Conferred with Herbicide Resistance
    Growth Enhancement in Transgenic Fish
    Impact of Gene Cloning
    Microbial Production of Recombinant Human Insulin
    Finding Disease-Causing Genes
    Human Gene Therapy
    Gene Targeting
    DNA Typing
    Bioreactors for Pharmaceutical Products
    Animal Cloning
    Human Genome Sequencing
    Manipulating Gene Vector Constructs.
    Digital Access Springer 2018