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    Hector Y. Adames, Yvette N. Tazeau, editors.
    Summary: This volume provides a broad and critical presentation of the behavioral and psychosocial treatments of Latinxs with dementia in the United States (U.S.) and across a representative sample of Spanish-speaking countries in the world. The compendium of chapters, written by researchers, practitioners, and policy analysts from multiple disciplines provides a deep exploration of the current state of dementia care for Latinxs in the U.S. and around the globe. The volume is designed to increase and strengthen the collective scientific and sociocultural understanding of the epidemiological and biopsychosocial factors, as well as the overlapping systemic challenges that impact diagnosis and symptom management of Latinxs with dementia. The authors introduce policy options to reduce risk factors for dementia and present culturally-responsive interventions that meet the needs of Latinx patients and their caregivers. Highlighted topics featured in the book include: Contextual, cultural, and socio-political issues of Latinxs with dementia. New meta-analysis of dementia rates in the Americas and Caribbean. Dementia-related behavioral issues and placement considerations. Educational, diagnostic, and supportive psychosocial interventions. Pharmacological, non-pharmacological, and ethnocultural healthcare interventions. Intersectionality as a practice of dementia care for sexual and gender minoritized Latinxs. Prescriptions for policy and programs to empower older Latinxs and their families. Caring for Latinxs with Dementia in a Globalized World: Behavioral and Psychosocial Treatments is a resource thataccentuates and contextualizes the heterogeneity in nationality, immigration, race, sexual orientation, gender, and political realities. It is a key reference for a wide range of fields inclusive of demography, geriatrics, gerontology, medicine, mental health, neurology, neuropsychology, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacology, psychiatry, psychology, rehabilitation, social work, sociology, and statistics all of which, collectively, bear on the problem and the solutions for better care for Latinxs affected by dementia.

    Chapter 1. Demographics and the Epidemiological Risk Factors for Dementia in Hispanic/Latino Populations
    Chapter 2. Contextual, Cultural, and Socio-political Issues in Caring for Latinxs with Dementia: When the Mind Forgets and the Heart Remembers
    Chapter 3. Meta-Analysis of Dementia Rates in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean
    Chapter 4. Treating Medical Comorbidities Associated with Dementia among Latinos
    Chapter 5. Functional Assessment in Latinos with Dementia: A Review of Tools and Cultural Considerations
    Chapter 6. Latinos with Dementia and Depression: Contemporary Issues and Assessment Challenges
    Chapter 7.Neurological, Psychiatric, and Affective Aspects of Dementia in Latinxs
    Chapter 8. Latino Families Living with Dementia: Behavioral Issues and Placement Considerations
    Chapter 9. Educational, Diagnostic, and Supportive Psychosocial Interventions for Latinos with Dementia
    ^Chapter 10. Cognitive Rehabilitation for Maintenance of Function in Latinos with Dementia
    Chapter 11. Behavioral Symptoms of Dementia in Latinos: Pharmacological, Non-pharmacological, and Ethnocultural Healthcare Interventions
    Chapter 12. Intersectionality as a Practice of Dementia Care for Sexual and Gender Minoritized Latinxs
    Chapter 13. Stress and Coping: Conceptual Models for Understanding Dementia among Latinos
    Chapter 14. Grief, Loss, and Depression in Latino Caregivers and Families affected by Dementia
    Chapter 15. Behavioral and Psychosocial Treatments of Dementia in Mexico
    Chapter 16. Dementia Care in Guatemala, Central America
    Chapter 17. Behavioral and Psychosocial Treatments of Dementia in the Caribbean: Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico
    Chapter 18. Dementia Treatment and Health Disparities among Puerto Ricans: The Impact of its Cultural and Political Histories
    ^Chapter 19. Dementia Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care in Colombia, South America
    Chapter 20. Behavioral and Psychosocial Treatments of Dementia in Spain
    Chapter 21. Community Partnerships and the Care of Latinos with Dementia: A Call for Action
    Chapter 22. Latinos and Dementia: Prescriptions for Policy and Programs that Empower Older Latinos and their Families.
    Digital Access Springer 2020