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    edited by Debra Lynn-McHale Wiegand.
    Summary: The AACN Procedure Manual for High Acuity, Progressive, and Critical Care, 7th Edition, authored by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, is the authoritative reference to procedures performed in high acuity, progressive, and critical care settings. It visually guides you through procedures unique to the adult critical care environment, including those performed by advanced practice nurses, in an illustrated, step-by-step format. This edition features 17 new procedures, new illustrations, and updated content throughout, reflecting the latest evidence-based guidelines and national and international protocols.

    Unit I: Pulmonary system
    Sect. One: Airway management
    Sect. Two: Special pulmonary procedures
    Sect. Three: Thoracic cavity management
    Sect. Four: Ventilatory management
    Unit II: Cardiovascular system
    Sect. Five: Cardiac emergencies
    Sect. Six: Cardiac pacemakers
    Sect. Seven: Circulatory assist devices
    Sect. Eight: Electrocardiographic leads and cardiac monitoring
    Sect. Nine: Hemodynamic monitoring
    Sect. Ten: Special cardiac procedures
    Sect. Eleven: Vascular access
    Unit III: Neurologic system
    Sect. Twelve: Neurologic monitoring
    Sect. Thirteen: Special neurologic procedures
    Sect. Fourteen: Traction management
    Sect. Fifteen: Pain management
    Unit IV: Gastrointestinal system
    Sect. Sixteen: Special gastrointestinal procedures
    Unit V: Renal system
    Sect. Seventeen: Renal replacement
    Unit. VI: Hematologic system
    Sect. Eighteen: Fluid management
    Sect. Nineteen: Special hematologic procedures
    Unit VII: Integumentary system
    Sect. Twenty: Burn wound management
    Sect. Twenty-one: Special integumentary procedures
    Sect. Twenty-two: Wound management
    Unit VIII: Nutrition
    Unit IX: Calculating medication doses. Unit I: Pulmonary System. Section one: Airway Management / Michael W. Day
    Combitube insertion and removal / Kyle Gibson ; Endotracheal intubation (perform) / Cindy Goodrich ; Endotracheal intubation (assist) / Cindy Goodrich ; Endotracheal tube and oral care practices for ventilated and non-ventilated patients / Kathleen Vollman, Mary Lou Sole, Barbara Quinn ; Extubation/decannulation (perform) / Lisa Koser ; Extubation/decannulation (assist) / Lisa Koser ; King Airway insertion and removal / Kyle Gibson ; Laryngeal mask airway / Stephen Both ; Nasopharyngeal and oral airway insertion / Kimberly Wright ; Suctioning: endotracheal or tracheostomy tube / Maureen A. Seckel ; Surgical cricothyrotomy (perform) / Roger Casey ; Surgical cricothyrotomy (assist) / Roger Casey ; Tracheostomy cuff and tube care / Renee Johnson
    Section two: special pulmonary procedures / Michael W. Day
    Continuous end-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring / Paul Luehrs ; Continuous lateral rotation therapy / Jamie St. Clair, Jennifer Macdermott ; Continuous venous oxygen saturation monitoring / Joni L. Dirks ; Extracorporeal life support (ECLS) and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) / Thomas Lawson, Marcia Belcher ; Oxygen saturation monitoring with pulse oximetry / Donna Barge Lee ; Pronation therapy / Kathleen Vollman, Sharon Dickinson, Jan Powers
    Section three: thoracic cavity management / Michael W. Day
    Autotransfusion / Kelly McGinty ; Chest tube placement (perform) / Julie Waters ; Chest tube placement (assist) / Julie Waters ; Chest tube removal (perform) / Peggy Kirkwood ; Chest tube removal (assist) / Peggy Kirkwood ; Closed chest drainage system / Joya D. Pickett ; Needle thoracostomy (perform) / Cindy Goodrich ; Thoracentesis (perform) / Susan Yeager ; Thoracentesis (assist) / Susan Yeager
    Section four: ventilatory management / Michael W. Day
    Invasive mechanical ventilation (through an artificial airway): volume and pressure modes / John Gallagher ; Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation: continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) / Susan K. Frazier ; Manual self-inflating resuscitation bag-valve device / Thomas Levins ; Peripheral nerve stimulators / Nathan W. Howard ; Weaning mechanical ventilation / Susan K. Frazier
    Unit II: cardiovascular system. Section five: cardiac emergencies / Debra L. Wiegand
    Automated external defibrillation / Kiersten Henry ; Cardioversion / Cynthia Hambach ; Defibrillation (external) / Cynthia Hambach ; Defibrillation (internal) perform / Marion E. McRae ; Defibrillation (internal) assist / Marion E. McRae ; Emergent open sternotomy (perform) / Alice Chan ; Emergent open sternotomy (assist) / Alice Chan ; External wearable cardioverter defibrillator / Kiersten Henry ; Pericardiocentesis (perform) Kathleen M. Cox ; Pericardiocentesis (assist) / Kathleen M. Cox
    Section six: cardiac pacemakers / Debra L. Wiegand
    Atrial electrogram / Marion E. McRae ; Atrial overdrive pacing (perform) / Jillian Hamel ; Epicardial pacing wire removal / Marion E. McRae ; Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator / Kiersten Henry ; Permanent pacemaker (assessing function) / Valerie Spotts ; Temporary transcutanous (external) pacing / Valerie Spotts ; Temporary transvenous pacemaker insertion (perform) / Nikki Taylor ; Temporary transvenous and epicardial pacing / Valerie Spotts
    Section seven: circulatory assist devices / Debra L. Wiegand
    Intraaortic balloon pump management / John P. Harper ; Ventricular assist devices / Mark Puhlman, Angela Bingham – Section eight: electrocardiographic leads and cardiac monitoring / Debra L. Wiegand
    Cardiac monitoring and electrocardiographic leads / Michele M. Pelter, Teri M. Kozik, Mary G. Carey ; Extra electrocardiographic leads: right precordial and left posterior leads / Shu-Fen Wung ; ST-segment monitoring (continuous) / Mary G. Carey, Michele M. Pelter ; Twelve-lead electrocardiogram / Shu-Fen Wung
    Section nine: hemodynamic monitoring / Debra L. Wiegand
    Arterial catheter insertion (perform) / Hillary Crumlett, Alex Johnson ; Arterial catheter insertion (assist), care, and removal / Hillary Crumlett, Alex Johnson ; Arterial pressure-based cardiac output monitoring / Susan Scott ; Blood sampling from an arterial catheter / Hillary Crumlett, Alex Johnson ; Blood sampling from a central venous catheter / Kathleen M. Cox ; Blood sampling from a pulmonary artery catheter / Kathleen M. Cox ; Cardiac output measurement techniques (invasive) / Susan Scott ; Central venous catheter removal / Jillian Hamel ; Central venous catheter site care / Jillian Hamel ; Central venous/right atrial pressure monitoring / Reba McVay ; Esophageal cardiac output monitoring: perform / Alexander Johnson, Hillary Crumlett ; Esophageal cardiac output monitoring: assist / Alexander Johnson, Hillary Crumlett ; Non-invasive cardiac output monitoring / Susan Scott ; Pulmonary artery catheter insertion (perform) / Nikki Taylor ; Pulmonary artery catheter insertion (assist) and pressure monitoring / Reba McVay ; Pulmonary artery catheter removal / Nikki Taylor ; Pulmonary artery catheter and pressure lines, troubleshooting / Reba McVay ; Single-pressure and multiple-pressure transducer systems / Reba McVay
    Section ten: special cardiac procedures / Debra L. Wiegand
    Femoral arterial and venous sheath removal / Rose B. Shaffer ; Radial arterial sheath removal / Rose B. Shaffer ; Pericardial catheter management / Kathleen M. Cox ; Thenar tissue oxygen saturation monitoring / Kathleen Berns ; Transesophageal echocardiography (assist) / Janice Y. Dawson, Linda Hoke
    Section eleven: vascular access / Debra L. Wiegand
    Arterial puncture / Joel M. Brown II ; Central venous catheter insertion (Perform) / Susan Yeager ; Central venous catheter insertion (Assist) / Susan Yeager ; Implantable venous access device: access, deaccess, and care / Anne Delengowski ; Intraosseus devices / Michael W. Day ; Midline catheters / Debra L. Wiegand ; Peripherally inserted central catheter / Debra L. Wiegand
    Unit III: neurologic system. Section twelve: neurologic monitoring / Mary Beth Flynn Makic
    Bispectral index monitoring / Richard B. Arbour ; Brain tissue oxygenation monitoring: insertion (assist), care, and troubleshooting / Megan T. Moyer, Eileen Maloney Wilensky ; Cerebral blood flow monitoring / Tracey M. Berlin ; Cerebral micodialysis / Sandy Cecil ; Intracranial bolt and fiberoptic catheter insertion (assist), intracranial pressure monitoring, care, troubleshooting, and removal / Tess Slazinski ; Intraventricular/fiberoptic catheter insertion (assist), monitoring, nursing care, troubleshooting, and removal / Tess Slazinski ; Intraventricular catheter with external transducer for cerebrospinal fluid drainage and intracranial pressure monitoring / Stephanie Cox ; Lumbar subarachnoid catheter insertion (assist) for cerebrospinal fluid drainage and pressure monitoring / Nicolle Schraeder
    Section thirteen: special neurologic procedures / Mary Beth Flynn Makic
    Lumbar puncture (perform) / Susan Chioffi ; Lumbar puncture (assist) / Susan Chioffi ; Pupillometer / DaiWai M. Olson, John C. Bazil ; Rotorest lateral rotation surface / Theresa Nino, Mary Beth Flynn Makic ; Thermoregulation: external and intravascular warming & cooling Devices / Karen A. Lovett
    Section fourteen: traction management / Mary Beth Flynn Makic
    Cervical tongs or halo ring: application for use in cervical traction (assist) / Jennifer Massetti ; Cervical traction maintenance / Jennifer Massetti ; Halo ring and vest care / Cara Diaz ; Pin site care: cervical tongs and halo pins / Cara Diaz
    Section fifteen: pain management / Eleanor Fitzpatrick
    Epidural catheters: assisting with insertion and pain management / Kimberly Williams ; Patient-controlled analgesia / Lorie Ann Meek ; Peripheral nerve blocks: assisting with insertion and pain management / Kimberly Williams
    Unit IV: gastrointestinal system. Section sixteen: special gastrointestinal procedures / Eleanor Fitzpatrick
    Esophagogastric tamponade tube / Rosemary Lee ; Focused assessment with sonography in trauma / Cynthia Blank-Reid, Thomas A. Santora ; Gastric lavage in hemorrhage and overdose / Ann Will Poteet ; Endoscopic therapy / Eleanor Fitzpatrick ; Intraabdominal pressure monitoring / Rosemary Lee ; Nasogastric and orogastric tube insertion, care, and removal / Carol McGinnis ; Molecular adsorbents recirculation system (MARS) / Mary D. Still ; Paracentesis (perform) / Eleanor Fitzpatrick ; Paracentesis (assist) / Eleanor Fitzpatrick ; Peritoneal lavage (perform) / Kate Deis ; Peritoneal lavage (assist) / Kate Deis
    Unit V: renal system. Section seventeen: renal replacement / Eleanor Fitzpatrick
    Continuous renal replacement therapies / Sonia M. Astle ; Hemodialysis / Sonia M. Astle ; Peritoneal dialysis / Sonia M. Astle
    Unit VI: hematologic system. Section eighteen: fluid management / Eleanor Fitzpatrick
    Use of a massive infusion device and a pressure infuser bag / Coleen Dever
    Section nineteen: special hematologic procedures / Eleanor Fitzpatrick
    Apheresis and therapeutic plasma exchange (assist) / Sonia M. Astle ; Bone marrow biopsy and aspiration (perform) / Glen Peterson, Carrie Marvill ; Bone marrow biopsy and aspiration (assist) / Glen Peterson, Carrie Marvill
    Unit VII: integumentary system. Section twenty: burn wound management / Mary Beth Flynn Makic
    Burn wound care / Cameron Bell ; Donor-site care / Cameron Bell ; Skin graft care / Dawn Sculco
    Section twenty-one: special integumentary procedures / Mary Beth Flynn Makic
    Intracompartmental pressure monitoring / Julia E. Dunning ; Suture and staple removal / Brian D. Schaad ; Wound closure / Joanna C. Eillis
    Section twenty-two: wound management / Mary Beth Flynn Makic
    Cleaning, irrigating, culturing, and dressing an open wound / Marylou V. Robinson ; Débridement: pressure ulcers, burns, and wounds / Julie Lynn Henderson ; Drain removal / Brian D. Schaad, Mary Beth Flynn Makic ; Fecal containment devices and bowel management system / Jane V. Arndt ; Negative-pressure wound therapy / Lisa Woods ; Wound management with excessive drainage / Justin Burleson
    Unit VIII: nutrition / Eleanor Fitzpatrick. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG), gastrostomy, and jejunostomy tube care / Margaret M. Ecklund ; Small-bore feeding tube insertion and care / Margaret M. Ecklund ; Small-bore feeding tube insertion using an electromagnetic guidance system (CORTRAK 2 Eternal Access System EAS) / Karen A. Gilbert, Patricia H. Worthington
    Unit IX: calculating medication doses / Eleanor Fitzpatrick. Calculating doses, flow rates, and administration of continuous intravenous infusions / Shelley Burcat, Maribeth Kelly.