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    edited by R. Clement Darling III, MD, Professor of Surgery, Albany Medical College, Chief, ... Show More Division of Vascular Surgery, Albany Medical Center Hospital, Director, The Institute for Vascular Health and Disease, President, The Vascular Group, Albany, New York, C. Keith Ozaki, MD, John A. Mannick Professor of Surgery, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts ; illustrations by: Body Scientific International, LLC., Anne Rains, Arains Illustration, Inc.
    Proximal debranching using the ascending aorta for bypasses to carotid, innominate, and subclavian arteries with endovascular repair of thoracic and arch aneurysms / Mark A. Farber and Jason Crowner
    Visceral debranching with repair of descending thoracic and visceral aortic aneurysm / S.W. Ham, M. Sigman, and Fred Weaver
    Combined iliac stent with femoral endarterectomy / Richard J. Powell
    Combined iliac stenting and fem-fem bypass / William C. Pevec
    Retrograde SMA angioplasty and stenting in patients with acute intestinal ischemia / Mark C. Wyers
    Endovascular composite sequential bypass using covered SFA graft and vein bypass for distal reconstruction / Mark Patterson
    Central venous dilatation and stenting / Murray L. Shames and Alexis Powell
    Treatment of superior vena cava syndrome and central stenosis / Peter Gloviczki and Sameh Said
    Placement of IVC filter and removal of retrievable filters / Roan J. Glocker and Marc A. Passman
    Lysis for iliofemoral DVT / Omar Al-Nouri and Bernadette Aulivola
    Endovascular interventions for Paget-Schroetter/venous thoracic outlet syndrome / Mitchell W. Cox and Cynthia K. Shortell
    Endovascular treatment for May-Thurner syndrome / Philip P. Goodney and Courtney J. Warner
    Endovascular treatment for pelvic congestion syndrome / Carl M. Black and Ellen D. Dillavou
    Saphenous vein ablation and stab phlebectomy / Kathleen J. Ozsvath and Stephanie S. Saltzberg
    Vena cava resection for renal cell carcinoma / R. Clement Darling III, Chin Chin Yeh, and John B. Taggert. Upper extremity permanent hemodialysis access placement / William Jennings, Alexandros Mallios, and John Blebea
    Lower extremity permanent hemodialysis access placement / Paul B. Kreienberg
    Peritoneal dialysis access placement / Claudie Sheahan, Bruce Torrance, and Malachi G. Sheahan
    Procedures for hemodialysis access steal syndrome / Karen J. Ho and Haimanot Wasse
    Hemodialysis access maintenance and salvage / Dirk M. Hentschel
    Supraclavicular/infraclavicular / Louis L. Nguyen
    Thoracic outlet procedures: transaxillary approach / Dean J. Arnaoutakis and Julie A. Freischlag
    Drainage and debridement of foot infections / Neal R. Barshes
    Digital and metatarsal ampurtations of the forefoot / Nicholas A. Giovinco, David G. Armstrong, and Joseph L. Mills
    Syme and Lisfranc disarticulations / Christopher P. Chiodo and Jeremy T. Smith
    Ankle disarticulation and circular open (guillotine) below-knee amputation / C. Keith Ozaki
    Closed below-knee amputation / Jonathan D. Gates
    Knee disarticulation / Marcus Semel
    Above knee amputation / Jacob Bray and Malachi G. Sheahan
    Hip disarticulation / I. Koleilat and A. Nigam.
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