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    edited by R. Clement Darling III, C. Keith Ozaki.
    Resection of carotid artery aneurysms / Brandon W. Propper and Christopher J. Abularrage -- Carotid endarterectomy: conventional and eversion / R. Clement Darling III and W. John Byrne -- Carotid subclavian reconstructions / Mark D. Morasch -- Vertebral artery reconstruction / Enrique Criado -- Carotid bypass / W. John Byrne and Nishan Dadian -- Brachial artery embolectomy / Chinenye Iwuchukwu and Vivian Gahtan -- Distal upper extremity revascularization (brachial to radial/ulnar/hand bypass) / Philip S.K. Paty and Benjamin B. Chang -- Open thoracoabdominal aneurysm repair / Ralph Bolman and Tsuyoshi Kaneko -- Open repair of Type B dissection / Paul R. Crisostomo and Jae S. Cho -- Thoracobifem for occlusive disease / Vikram Kashyap and Nathaniel Liu -- Visceral aortic endarterectomy / Timur P. Sarac -- Antegrade aorto-SMA and celiac artery bypass / William J. Quinones-Baldrich -- Retrograde ilio-SMA and celiac bypass / James McPhee and Thomas N. Carruthers -- SMA embolectomy / W. Charles Sternbergh and Hernan Bazan -- Open repair of renal artery aneurysm / Paul B. Kreienberg and Jason Comeau -- Type IV thoracoabdominal aneurysm repair / Mark Conrad -- Division of the crus and celiac artery reconstruction for celiac artery compression syndrome / Glen Roseborough. Aortic repair for juxtarenal and suprarenal aneurysms / Richard Cambria and V. Patel -- Aortofemoral bypass for occlusive disease: end-to-end and end-to-side / Daniel B. Walsh and David H. Stone -- Transaortic endarterectomy / Margaret C. Tracci, Kenneth J. Cherry, and Gilbert R. Upchurch, Jr. -- Iliofemoral reconstruction : ipsilateral and crossover / Richard F. Neville and Bao Nguyen -- Fermoral-femoral bypass / Amy B. Reed -- Femoral endarterectomy with profundaplasty / Michael Belkin and James T. McPhee -- Fermoropopliteal bypass using prosthetic and vein / Neal Barshes -- Femoral distal bypass using the in situ and reversed vein / Scott G. Prushik and Frank B. Pomposelli -- Exposure of tibial vessels: anterior tibial, posterior tibial, peroneal, from both medial and lateral approaches / Michael S. Conte and Shant Vartanian -- Plantar and tarsal artery reconstructions / Enrico Ascher, Anil Hingorani, Natalie Marks, and Frank J. Veith -- Technique of carotid artery stenting / Piotr Sobieszczyk -- TEVAR for thoracoabdominal aneurysm repair / Gustavo S. Oderich and Tiziano Tallarita -- TEVAR for acute and chronic aortic dissection / Joseph Lombardi and Carlos A. Neves -- EVAR for traumatic aortic injuries / S. Bahimi -- EVAR for infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm repari / Jeffrey C. Hnath -- Endovascular repair of thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms / W. Anthony Lee -- Endovascular repair of juxtarenal aneurysms / John C. McCallum, Matthew J. Alef, and Marc L. Schermerhorn -- Renal artery stenting for renovascular hypertension / Matthew J. Dougherty -- SMA and visceral artery stenting / Hari Ramachandran Kumar and Mark K. Eskandari -- Endovascular treatment of aortoiliac disease / Sean P. Lyden and David M. Hardy -- Endovascular treatment of the SMA (angioplasty & stent, subintimal angioplasty, atherectomy) / George H. Meier -- Endovascular treatment of tibial vessels / Charlie C. Cheng, Faisal Z. Cheema, Grant T. Fankhauser, and Michael B. Silva, Jr. -- Translumbar approach for coiling of Type II endoleaks / Courtney J. Warner, Claire L. Griffin, and Eva M. Rzucidlo.
    Digital Access  LWW Health Library 2016