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    Rajiv K. Sethi, Anna K. Wright, Michael G. Vitale, editors.
    Intro -- Preface -- Contents -- Contributors -- 1: Macro Trends in Healthcare Delivery -- The Spiraling Cost of Healthcare -- Models of Value-Based Reimbursement -- Accountable Care Organization (ACO) -- Bundled Payment of Care Improvement (BPCI) -- Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) -- Summary of VBR Models -- Other Macroeconomic Trends -- Price Controls and Decreases in Reimbursement -- Consolidation -- New Technology -- Telehealth -- Smart Pharmaceuticals and Devices -- Genetics -- Wearable Devices -- Big Data and Artificial Intelligence -- Conclusion: Finding Signal in the Noise 3: The Bree Collaborative Bundle for Lumbar Fusion: Evolution of a Community Standard for Quality -- Identifying and Managing Uncomplicated Back Pain: The Spine Clinic -- Engagement with Employers and the Marketplace Collaborative Model -- Redesigning the Care Pathway for Uncomplicated Back Pain -- Improved Quality and Timeliness of Care for Uncomplicated Back Pain -- Financial Consequences for Providers -- Lessons Learned from Starbucks, the Marketplace Collaborative, and Spine Clinic -- Replicating the Spine Clinic Model -- Lessons Learned from Intel's Collaborative and the Spine Clinic Beyond Spine Clinic: Contributions from Spine Surgery and Orthopedics -- The Robert Bree Collaborative: Putting It All Together -- Bree Collaborative Work Group on Lumbar Fusion -- The Evidence Table -- Cycle One: Standards for Appropriateness for Lumbar Fusion -- Cycle Two: Fitness for Surgery -- Cycle Three: Best Practice Surgery -- Cycle Four: Rapid Return to Function -- The Multidisciplinary Conference -- The Personal Care Partner -- Quality Measures -- The Warranty Against Avoidable Remissions -- Response of Health-Care Stakeholders to Surgical Bundles -- Employers -- Health Plans Providers -- Summary -- References -- 4: Multidisciplinary Evaluation Improves the Value of Lumbar Spine Care -- Multidisciplinary Conferences -- Multidisciplinary Clinics -- Discussion -- Conclusions -- References -- 5: Using Lean Process Improvement to Enhance Safety and Value -- What Is Standard Work? -- The Toyota Production System and Its Application in Healthcare -- What Is the Virginia Mason Production System? How Does This System Root Out Variability? -- Cultural Aspects of Hierarchy in Medicine and Surgery (the Old Standard Way)
    Digital Access  Springer 2020