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    Allan Siegel, Hreday N. Sapru ; case histories written by Heidi E. Siegel.
    Digital : LWW Health Library (Medical Education)2019
    I: Gross anatomy of the brainp -- Overview of the central nervous systemp -- Development of the nervous systemp -- Meninges and cerebrospinal fluid -- II: The neuronp -- Histology of the nervous system -- Electrophysiology of neurons -- Synaptic transmission -- Neurotransmitters -- III: Organization of the central nervous system -- The spinal cord -- Brainstem I: the medulla -- Brainstem II: pons and cerebellum -- Brainstem III: the midbrain -- The forebrain -- The cranial nerves -- IV: Sensory systems -- Somatosensory system -- Visual system -- Auditory and vestibular systems -- Olfaction and taste -- V: Motor systems -- The upper motor neurons -- The basal ganglia -- The cerebellum -- VI: Integrative systems -- The autonomic nervous system -- The reticular formation -- The hypothalamus -- The limbic system -- The thalamus and cerebral cortex -- Blood supply of the central nervous system -- Vascular syndromes -- Behavioral and psychiatric disorders.