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    [edited by] Richard J. Martin, Avroy A. Fanaroff and Michele C. Walsh.
    Growth of neonatal perinatal medicine: a historical perspective -- Epidemiology for neonatologists -- Medical ethics in neonatal care -- Legal issues in neonatal-perinatal medicine -- Evaluating and improving the quality and safety of neonatal intensive care -- Simulation and debriefing in neonatal-perinatal medicine -- Practicing evidence-based neonatal-perinatal medicine -- Perinatal and neonatal care in developing countries -- Social and economic contributors to neonatal outcome in the united states -- Genetic aspects of perinatal disease and prenatal diagnosis -- Perinatal ultrasound -- Estimation of fetal well-being -- Surgical treatment of the fetus -- Adverse exposures to the fetus and neonate -- Intrauterine growth restriction -- Developmental origins of adult health and disease -- Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy -- Pregnancy complicated by diabetes mellitus -- Obstetric management of prematurity -- Fetal effects of autoimmune disease -- Obstetric management of multiple gestation and birth -- Post-term pregnancy -- Immune and nonimmune hydrops fetalis -- Amniotic fluid volume -- Perinatal infections and chorioamnionitis -- Placental pathology -- Anesthesia for labor and delivery -- Physical examination of the newborn -- Birth injuries -- Congenital anomalies -- Overview and initial management of delivery room resuscitation -- Role of positive pressure ventilation in neonatal resuscitation -- Oxygen therapy in neonatal resuscitation -- Chest compression, medications, and special problems in neonatal resuscitation -- Thermal environment of the intensive care nursery -- Optimization of the NICU environment -- Biomedical engineering aspects of neonatal cardiorespiratory monitoring -- Diagnostic imaging of the neonate -- Anesthesia in the neonate -- The late preterm infant -- Nutrient requirements/nutritional support in premature neonate -- Support for the family -- Principles of drug use in the fetus and neonate -- Principles of drug use during lactation -- Pharmacokinetics in neonatal medicine -- Infants of substance-using mothers -- Developmental immunology -- Postnatal bacterial infections -- Fungal and protozoal infections of the neonate -- Viral infections in the neonate -- Normal and abnormal brain development -- White matter damage and encephalopathy of prematurity -- Intracranial hemorrhage and vascular lesions in the neonate -- Hypoxic–ischemic encephalopathy -- Seizures in neonates -- Hypotonia and neuromuscular disease in the neonate -- Intracranial and calvarial disorders -- Spinal dysraphisms -- Hearing loss in the newborn infant -- Early childhood neurodevelopmental outcomes of high-risk neonates -- The role of neonatal neuroimaging in predicting neurodevelopmental outcomes of preterm neonates -- Lung development and maturation -- Assessment of neonatal pulmonary function -- Respiratory distress syndrome in the neonate -- Assisted ventilation of the neonate and its complications -- Neonatal respiratory disorders -- Neonatal apnea and the foundation of respiratory control -- Upper airway lesions in the neonate -- Bronchopulmonary dysplasia in the neonate -- Therapy for cardiorespiratory failure in the neonate -- Cardiac embryology -- Pulmonary vascular development -- Prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart disease -- Patent ductus arteriosus -- Congenital defects of the cardiovascular system -- Cardiovascular problems of the neonate -- Disorders of cardiac rhythm and conduction in newborns -- Neonatal management of congenital heart disease -- Hematologic and oncologic problems in the fetus and neonate -- Blood component therapy for the neonate -- Development of the neonatal gastrointestinal tract -- Gastrointestinal reflux and motility in the neonate -- Disorders of digestion in the neonate -- Selected gastrointestinal anomalies in the neonate -- Neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis -- Disorders of carbohydrate metabolism in the neonate -- Disorders of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium metabolism in the neonate -- Thyroid disorders in the neonate -- Disorders of sex development -- Inborn errors of metabolism -- Neonatal jaundice and liver diseases -- Fluid, electrolytes, and acid-base homeostasis -- The kidney and urinary tract of the neonate -- The skin of the neonate -- Examination and common problems in the neonatal eye -- Retinopathy of prematurity -- Musculoskeletal disorders in neonates -- Bone and joint infections in neonates -- Congenital abnormalities of the upper and lower extremities and spine -- Therapeutic agents -- Tables of normal values -- Schedule for immunization of preterm infants.
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