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    edited by Andrew R. Peterson, MD, MSPH, Clinical Associate Professor, ... Show More Stead Family Department of Pediatrics, Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, Kelly E. Wood, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Stead Family Department of Pediatrics, Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.
    Adolescent medicine and gynecology / Gayathri Chelvakumar and Paula Cody
    Allergic and immunologic disorders / Amy O. Thomas and Alex Thomas
    Behavioral and mental health issues / Linda J. Cooper-Brown and Jennifer McWilliams
    Blood and neoplastic disorders / Adam D. Wolfe
    Cardiology / Benton Ng
    Cognition, language, and learning disabilities / Amy L. Conrad, Todd Kopelman, and Tammy L. Wilgenbusch
    Collagen vascular and other multisystem disorders / Sandy Hong and Kelly E. Wood
    Critical care / Ashley Loomis and Niyati Patel
    Ear, nose and throat disorders / Derek Zhorne
    Emergency care / Sarah L. Miller
    Endocrine disorders / Vanessa Curtis
    Ethics / Becky Benson
    Eye disorders / Melanie Schmitt
    Fetus and newborn / Erin Osterholm
    Fluids and electrolyte metabolism / Jeff Van Blarcom
    Pediatric gastroenterology / Dina Al-Zubeidi
    Genetics and dysmorphology / Greg Rice
    Genital system disorders / Kathleen Kieran
    Growth and development / Erin Howe
    Infectious disease / Nathan Price
    Metabolic disorders / Eric T. Rush
    Musculoskeletal disorders / Natalie Stork and Blaise Nemeth
    Neurologic disorders / Satsuki Matsumoto and Leah Zhorne
    Nutrition / Kelly E. Wood
    Patient safety and quality improvement / Elizabeth H. Mack
    Pharmacology. Part I, Pharmacology and pain management / Susan S. Vos, Gary Milavetz, Jeff Van Blarcom, and Laura Steinauer
    Pharmacology, Part II, Sedation / Jeff Van Blarcom
    Poisoning and environmental exposure to hazardous substances / Christopher Hogrefe
    Preventative pediatrics / Ashley Miller and Rebecca Lozman-Oxman
    Psychosocial issues & child abuse. Part 1, Psychosocial issues / Cassandra Collins, James Burkhalter, and Kelly E. Wood
    Psychosocial issues & child abuse. Part 2, Child abuse / Cassandra Collins, James Burkhalter, and Kelly E. Wood
    Research and statistics / Andrew R. Peterson
    Renal and urologic disorders / Jen Jetton and Kathy Lee-Son
    Respiratory disorders / Anthony Fischer
    Skin disorders / Will Aughenbaugh and Lisa Muchard
    Sports medicine and physical fitness / Andrew R. Peterson
    Substance abuse / LaTisha L. Bader and Ross Mathiasen.
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