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    Evan M. Forman, Meghan L. Butryn.
    Summary: "Effective Weight Loss presents 25 detailed sessions of an empirically supported, cognitive-behavioral treatment package called Acceptance-Based Behavioral Treatment (ABT). The Clinician Guide is geared towards helping administer treatment, and the companion Workbook provides summaries of session content, exercises, worksheets, handouts, and assignments for patients and clients receiving the treatment"-- Provided by publisher.

    Machine generated contents note:
    Introduction and Principles of Treatment
    Chapter 1: Session 1: Welcome
    Chapter 2: Session 2: Calorie Cutting Keys
    Chapter 3: Session 3: Goal Setting, and Weighing and Measuring
    Chapter 4: Session 4: Labels, Planning, and Calorie Accounting
    Chapter 5: Session 5: Control What You Can, Accept What You Can't; the Home Food Environment
    Chapter 6: Session 6: Physical Activity and Willingness (Part 1)
    Chapter 7: Session 7: Willingness (Part 2) and Values
    Chapter 8: Session 8: Forming Good Habits/Flexibility
    Chapter 9: Session 9: Restaurant Eating/Handling Weekends and Special Occasions
    Chapter 10: Session 10: Barriers to Living a Valued Life
    Chapter 11: Session 11: Friends and Family
    Chapter 12: Session 12: Introduction to Defusion and Urge Surfing
    Chapter 13: Session 13: Strategies to Help Defuse and Increase Willingness
    Chapter 14: Session 14: Review of Dietary Principles, Mindless Eating, and Portion Sizes
    Chapter 15: Session 15: Mindful Decision-Making
    Chapter 16: Session 16: Transitioning to Bi-Weekly Meetings
    Chapter 17: Session 17: Maintaining Losses over the Long Term
    Chapter 18: Session 18: Willingness and Reducing Barriers to Physical Activity
    Chapter 19: Session 19: Committed Action
    Chapter 20: Session 20: Emotional Eating
    Chapter 21: Session 21: Lapse vs. Relapse/Reversing Small Weight Gains
    Chapter 22: Session 22: Revisiting Commitment/Transition to Monthly/Bi-Monthly Meetings
    Chapter 23: Session 23: Maintaining Motivation
    Chapter 24: Session 24: Looking Ahead
    Chapter 25: Session 25: Celebrating Accomplishments
    Appendix 1: Weight and Lifestyle Inventory (WALI)
    Certificate of Completion
    Digital Access Oxford [2016]