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    edited by Reema Zeineldin.
    Cancer nanotechnology : opportunities for prevention, diagnosis, and therapy / Reema Zeineldin and Joan Syoufjy -- Improved targeting of cancers with nanotherapeutics / Christian Foster, Andre Watson, Joseph Kaplinsky, and Nazila Kamaly -- Multifunctional liposomes / Bhawani Aryasomayajula, Giuseppina Salzano, and Vladimir P. Torchilin -- Multifunctional concentric FRET-quantum dot probes for tracking and imaging of proteolytic activity / Melissa Massey, Jia Jun Li, and W. Russ Algar -- Preparation and characterization of magnetic nano-in-microparticles for pulmonary delivery / Amber A. McBride, Dominique N. Price, and Pavan Muttil -- Multifunctionalization of gold nanoshells / Sandra W. Bishnoi and Yujen Lin -- Fabrication of photothermal stable gold nanosphere/mesoporous silica hybrid nanoparticle responsive to near-infrared light / Bei Cheng and Peisheng Xu -- Engineering well-characterized PEG-coated nanoparticles for elucidating biological barriers to drug delivery / Qi Yang and Samuel K. Lai -- Piloting your nanovehicle to overcome biological barriers / Steven M. Richards and Robert B. Campbell -- Detecting sonolysis of polyethylene glycol upon functionalizing carbon nanotubes / Ruhung Wang, Vasanth S. Murali, and Rockford Draper -- Methods for generation and detection of nonstationary vapor nanobubbles around plasmonic nanoparticles / Ekaterina Y. Lukianova-Hleb and Dmitri O. Lapotko -- Force measurements for cancer cells / Vivek Rajasekharan, Varun K.A. Sreenivasan, and Brenda Farrell -- Fractal analysis of cancer cell surface / Igor Sokolov and Maxim E. Dokukin -- Quantitative evaluation of the enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect / Luisa M. Russell, Charlene M. Dawidczyk, and Peter C. Searson -- Nanotechnology-based cancer vaccine / Aws Alshamsan -- Designing multicomponent nanosystems for rapid detection of circulating tumor cells / Shashwat S. Banerjee, Vrushali Khobragade, and Jayant Khandare -- Fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging of orthotopic brain tumors in mice / Emilie McKinnon, Alfred Moore, Suraj Dixit, Yun Zhu, and Ann-Marie Broome -- Ultrasensitive biosensing platform employing acetylcholinesterase and gold nanoparticles / Dingbin Liu and Xiaoyuan Chen -- Gene silencing using multifunctionalized gold nanoparticles for cancer therapy / Alexandra R. Fernandes and Pedro V. Baptista -- Generation of dose-response curves and improved IC50s for PARP inhibitor nanoformulations / Paige Baldwin, Shifalika Tangutoori, and Srinivas Sridhar -- Artificial antigen-presenting cells for immunotherapies / Alyssa L. Siefert, Tarek M. Fahmy, and Dongin Kim -- Exploiting uptake of nanoparticles by phagocytes for cancer treatment / Mee Rie Sheen and Steven Fiering -- Pulmonary delivery of magnetically targeted nano-in-microparticles / Amber A. McBride, Dominique N. Price, and Pavan Muttil -- Neutron-activatable nanoparticles for intraperitoneal radiation therapy / Derek Hargrove and Xiuling Lu -- Nanoparticle-mediated x-ray radiation enhancement for cancer therapy / Autumn D. Paro, Ilanchezhian Shanmugam, and Anne L. van de Ven -- Radiosensitizing silica nanoparticles encapsulating docetaxel for treatment of prostate cancer / Jodi Belz, Noelle Castilla-Ojo, Srinivas Sridhar, and Rajiv Kumar.
    Digital Access  Springer 2017