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    edited by Chiara Ambrosio, William MacLehose.
    Part 1: Imagining the brain between body and soul. Ventricular localization in late antiquity: the philosophical and theological roots of an enduring model of brain function / Jessica Wright -- The pathological and the normal: mapping the brain in medieval medicine / William MacLehose -- Imagining the soul: Thomas Willis (1621–1675) on the anatomy of the brain and nerves / Alexander Wragge-Morley -- Gaetano Zumbo’s anatomical wax model: from skull to cranium / Rose Marie San Juan -- Part 2: Representing the brain and the nervous system: styles, media, practices. The nervous system and the anatomy of expression: Sir Charles Bell’s anatomical watercolours / Brendan Clarke and Chiara Ambrosio -- Gertrude Stein’s modernist brain / Chiara Ambrosio -- Imagining the brain as a book: Oskar and Cécile Vogt’s "library of brains" / Chantal Marazia and Heiner Fangerau -- Pinpricks: Needling, numbness, and temporalities of pain / Lan A. Li -- Part 3: Inside the brain: arguments and evidence in the making of the modern neurosciences. From images to physiology: a strange paradox at the origin of modern neuroscience / Paolo Mazzarello -- One, no-one and a hundred thousand brains: J.C. Eccles, J.Z. Young and the establishment of the neurosciences (1930s–1960s) / Fabio De Sio -- Seeing patterns in neuroimaging data / Jessey Andrew Kenneth Wright.
    Digital Access  ScienceDirect 2018