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    edited by Rachael W. Sirianni, Bahareh Behkam.
    Synthesis of cationic polymer libraries for gene delivery using diglycidyl ethers / Jacob Elmer, Thrimoorthy Potta, and Kaushal Rege-- Generation of ultra-small PLGA nanoparticles by aequential centrifugation / Xingwang Wu, Jiangbing Zhou, and Toral R. Patel -- Construction of bacteria-based cargo carriers for targeted cancer therapy / Mahama A. Traore, Ali Sahari, and Bahareh Behkam -- Production of extracellular vesicles loaded with therapeutic cargo / Tek N. Lamichhane and Steven M. Jay -- Delivery of cytotoxic mesenchymal stem cells with biodegradable scaffolds for treatment of postoperative brain cancer / Kevin T. Sheets, Juli R. Bagó, and Shawn D. Hingtgen -- Nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery to cancer stem cells and tumor / Hai Wang and Xiaoming He -- Exploiting phage display for development of novel cellular targeting strategies / William Marsh, Amanda Witten, and Sarah E. Stabenfeldt -- CD44 targeted lipid nanoparticles for MicroRNA therapy / Stephen L. Hayward and Srivatsan Kidambi -- Ultrasound and microbubble-mediated blood-brain barrier disruption for targeted delivery of therapeutics to the brain / Meaghan A. O'Reilly and Kullervo Hynynen -- In vitro validation of targeting and comparison to mathematical modeling / Jill M. Steinbach-Rankins and Michael R. Caplan -- Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to quantify targeting molecules on nanoparticles / Rachel S. Riley, Jilian R. Melamed, and Emily S. Day -- Tunable collagen microfluidic platform to study nanoparticle transport in the tumor microenvironment / Matthew R. DeWitt and M. Nichole Rylander -- Utilizing the lung as a model to study nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems / Dylan K. McDaniel, Veronica M. Ringel-Scaia, Sheryl L. Coutermarsh-Ott, and Irving C. Allen -- Non-enzymatic tissue homogenization for biodistribution analysis / Danielle M. DiPerna, Alesia V. Prakapenka, Eugene P. Chung, and Rachael W. Sirianni -- Methods and study designs for characterizing the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of carrier-mediated agents / Allison N. Schorzman, Andrew T. Lucas, John R. Kagel, and William C. Zamboni.
    Digital Access  Springer 2018