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    edited by Jeff Wilkesman, Liliana Kurz.
    Zymography principles / Jeff Wilkesman and Liliana Kurz -- Serine protease zymography : low-cost, rapid, and highly sensitive RAMA casein zymography / Hidetaro Yasumitsu -- Cysteine protease zymography : brief review / Jeff Wilkesman -- Aspartic protease zymography case study : detection of fungal acid proteases by zymography / Gavin Kernaghan and Michael Mayerhofer -- Detection of aspartic proteinase activities using gel zymography / Handunge Kumudu Irani Perera -- MMP activity detection in zymograms / Péter Bencsik, Monika Bartekova, Anikó Görbe, Krisztina Kiss, János Pálóczi, Jana Radosinska, Gergő Szűcs, and Péter Ferdinandy -- Characterization of novel collagenolytic proteases / Goran Mucić, Brankica Rašković, and Natalija Polović -- Zymography as a research tool in the study of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors / Zongli Ren, Juanjuan Chen, and Raouf A. Khalil -- Detection and characterization of bacterial proteinases using zymography / Madathiparambil G. Madanan and Ambili Mechoor -- Sensitive, rapid, and specific technique for the detection of collagenase using zymography / Shivcharan Prasad and Ipsita Roy -- Reverse zymography : overview and pitfalls / Kanika Sharma and Debasish Bhattacharyya -- Cell in situ zymography : imaging enzyme-substrate interactions / Aastha Chhabra and Vibha Rani -- Examination of gelatinase isoforms in rodent models of acute neurodegenerative diseases using two-dimensional zymography / Shanyan Chen, Fanjun Meng, Zhenzhou Chen, Zhe Qu, Jiankun Cui, and Zezong Gu -- Two-dimensional zymography of proteases from steatotic duck liver / Jeff Wilkesman, María Fernanda Padrón, Liliana Kurz, and Hervé Rémignon -- Simultaneous detection of activity and relative molecular mass of adenylate kinases after SDS-PAGE and blotting / Silvia Ravera and Isabella Panfoli -- Silver-stained fibrin zymography : separation of proteases and activity detection using a single cubstrate-containing gel / Chang-Su Park, Dae-Ook Kang, and Nack-Shick Choi -- Zymography methods to simultaneously analyze superoxide dismutase and catalase activities : novel application for yeast species identification / Esther Gamero-Sandemetrio, Rocío Gómez-Pastor, and Emilia Matallana -- Detection of guaiacol peroxidase on electrophoretic gels / Diana Castro, Lellys M. Contreras, Liliana Kurz, and Jeff Wilkesman -- In situ demonstration and characteristic analysis of the protease using substrate immersing zymography / HaiLun He, Hao Li, and Dan Liu -- Use of zymography in trypanosomiasis studies / Jéssyka Fernanda Santiago Monte, Cláudia Jassica Gonçalves Moreno, Joana Patrícia Molato Figueiredo Lopes Monteiro, Hugo Alexandre de Oliveira Rocha, Aline Rimoldi Ribeiro, and Marcelo Sousa Silva -- Zymography in multiwells for quality assessment of proteinases/ Ambili Mechoor and Madathiparambil G. Madanan -- Visualization of enzyme activities in earthworm biopores by in situ soil zymography / Bahar S. Razavi, Duyen Hoang, and Yakov Kuzyakov -- Multiplex cathepsin zymography to detect amounts of active cathepsins K, L, S, and V / Manu O. Platt -- Transfer zymography / Daniel Pan, Karl A. Wilson, and Anna Tan-Wilson -- Sequential detection of thermophilic lipase and protease by zymography / Liliana Kurz, Zully Hernández, Lellys M. Contreras, and Jeff Wilkesman -- Calpain zymography : general methodology and protocol / Kevin K.W. Wang -- CTAB zymography for the analysis of aspartic proteases from marine sponges / Oscar González and Jeff Wilkesman -- Zymography detection of a bacterial extracellular thermoalkaline esterase/lipase activity / María Tapizquent, Marleny Fernández, Georgina Barreto, Zully Hernández, Lellys M. Contreras, Liliana Kurz, and Jeff Wilkesman -- Amylase zymography / Adarelys Andrades and Lellys M. Contreras.
    Digital Access  Springer 2017