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    editors Laure Journet and Eric Cascales.
    Identification of protein secretion systems in bacterial genomes using MacSyFinder / Sophie S. Abby and Eduardo P.C. Rocha -- Protein sorting prediction / Henrik Nielsen -- Cell fractionation / Melissa Petiti, Laetitia Houot, and Denis Duché -- Defining lipoprotein localisation by fluorescence microscopy / Maria Guillermina Casabona, Mylène Robert-Genthon, Didier Grunwald, and Ina Attrée -- Identification of lipoproteins using globomycin and radioactive palmitate / Nienke Buddelmeijer -- Defining membrane protein localization by isopycnic density gradients / Rhys A. Dunstan, Iain D. Hay, and Trevor Lithgow -- Cell surface exposure / Anna Konovalova -- Probing inner membrane protein topology by proteolysis / Maxence S. Vincent and Eric Cascales -- Mapping of membrane protein topology by substituted cysteine accessibility method (SCAM) / Mikhail Bogdanov -- Defining membrane protein topology using pho-lac reporter fusions / Gouzel Karimova and Daniel Ladant -- In vivo and in vitro protein-peptidoglycan interactions / Gang Li and S. Peter Howard -- Measure of peptidoglycan hydrolase activity / Yoann G. Santin and Eric Cascales -- Protein-protein interaction : Bacterial Two-Hybrid / Gouzel Karimova, Emilie Gauliard, Marilyne Davi, Scot P. Ouellette, and Daniel Ladant -- Protein-protein interactions : yeast two-hybrid system / Jer-Sheng Lin and Erh-Min Lai -- Protein-protein interactions : cytology two-hybrid / Krishnamohan Atmakuri -- Fusion reporter approaches to monitoring transmembrane helix interactions in bacterial membranes / Laureen Logger, Abdelrahim Zoued, and Eric Cascales -- Protein-protein interactions : co-immunoprecipitation / Jer-Sheng Lin and Erh-Min Lai -- Protein-protein interaction : tandem affinity purification in bacteria / Julie P.M. Viala and Emmanuelle Bouveret -- Site-directed and time-resolved photocrosslinking in cells metabolically labeled with radioisotopes / Raffaele Ieva -- Protein-protein interactions : pull-down assays / Arthur Louche, Suzana P. Salcedo, and Sarah Bigot -- Protein-protein interactions : surface plasmon resonance / Badreddine Douzi -- Assessing energy-dependent protein conformational changes in the TonB system / Ray A. Larsen -- Defining assembly pathways by fluorescence microscopy / Abdelrahim Zoued and Andreas Diepold -- Large complexes : cloning strategy, production, and purification / Eric Durand and Roland Lloubes -- Shearing and enrichment of extracellular type IV pili / Alba Katiria Gonzalez Rivera and Katrina T. Forest -- Blue native PAGE analysis of bacterial secretion complexes / Susann Zilkenat, Tobias Dietsche, Julia V. Monjarás Feria, Claudia E. Torres-Vargas, Mehari Tesfazgi Mebrhatu, and Samuel Wagner -- In situ imaging of bacterial secretion systems by electron cryotomography / Gregor L. Weiss, João M. Medeiros, and Martin Pilhofer -- Structural analysis of protein complexes by cryo electron microscopy / Tiago R.D. Costa, Athanasios Ignatiou, and Elena V. Orlova -- Bacterial filamentous appendages investigated by solid-state NMR spectroscopy / Birgit Habenstein and Antoine Loquet -- Energy requirements for protein secretion via the flagellar type III secretion system / Marc Erhardt -- Identification of effectors : precipitation of supernatant material / Nicolas Flaugnatti and Laure Journet -- Screening for secretion of the type VI secretion system protein Hcp by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and colony blot / Brent S. Weber, Pek Man Ly, and Mario F. Feldman -- Effector translocation : cya reporter assay / Suma Chakravarthy, Bethany Huot, and Brian H. Kvitko -- Monitoring effector translocation using the TEM-1 beta-lactamase reporter system / Julie Allombert, Anne Vianney, and Xavier Charpentier -- Effector translocation assay : differential solubilization / Irina S. Franco, Sara V. Pais, Nuno Charro, and Luís Jaime Mota -- Quantitative determination of anti-bacterial activity during bacterial co-culture / Juliana Alcoforado Diniz, Birte Hollmann, and Sarah J. Coulthurst.
    Digital Access  Springer 2017