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    Eric J. Hall, Amato J. Giaccia.
    Physics and chemistry of radiation absorption -- Molecular mechanisms of DNA and chromosome damage and repair -- Cell survival curves -- Radiosensitivity and cell age in the mitotic cycle -- Fractionated radiation and the dose-rate effect -- Oxygen effect and reoxygenation -- Linear energy transfer and relative biologic effectiveness -- Acute radiation syndrome -- Medical countermeasures to radiation exposure -- Radiation carcinogenesis -- Heritable effects of radiation -- Effects of radiation on the embryo and fetus -- Radiation cataractogenesis -- Radiologic terrorism -- Doses and risks in diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology and cardiology, and nuclear medicine -- Radiation protection -- Molecular techniques in radiobiology -- Cancer biology -- Dose-response relationships for model normal tissues -- Clinical response of normal tissues -- Model tumor systems -- Cell, tissue, and tumor kinetics -- Time, dose, and fractionation in radiotherapy -- Retreatment after radiotherapy: the possibilities and the perils -- Alternative radiation modalities -- The biology and exploitation of tumor hypoxia -- Chemotherapeutic agents from the perspective of the radiation biologist -- Hyperthermia.
    Digital Access  Ovid 2019