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    A. James Barkovich, Charles Raybaud.
    Digital : Ovid2019
    Imaging techniques / Christopher Hess -- Normal development of the neonatal and infant brain, skull, and spine / Matthew J. Barkovich and A. James Barkovich -- Metabolic, toxic, and autoimmune/inflammatory brain disorders / A. James Barkovich and Zoltan Patay -- Brain and spine injuries in infancy and childhood / James Barkovich and Erin Simon-Swartz -- Congenital malformations of the brain and skull / A. James Barkovich and Charles Raybaud -- Neurocutaneous disorders / Gilbert Vézina and A. James Barkovich -- Intracranial, orbital, and neck masses / Charles Raybaud and Zoltan Patay -- Hydrocephalus / Charles Raybaud -- Developmental disorders of the spine and spinal cord / Erin Simon-Swartz -- Neoplasms of the spine / A. James Barkovich -- Infections of the developing and mature nervous system / Gary Hedlund and James F. Bale, Jr. -- Anomalies of the cerebral vasculature / Steven W. Hetts, Philip M. Meyers, Van V. Halbach, and A. James Barkovich.