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    Jean Watson.
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    Original text on caring science -- Transpersonal caring and unitary views of science -- Extant caring theories as metaphysical, meta-ethical, meta-narrative to guide caring science -- Existential crisis in science and human sciences: continuing journey toward caring science -- Working assumptions for caring science -- Metaphysics and science: can there be a re/union? A contemporary case for moral-metaphysics ground for caring science: approaching the holy and the sacred -- The ethical demand: Knud Logstrup: holding other in our hands -- Caring and science: a contemporary orientation -- Caring science as disciplinary foundation for health sciences -- Professional/personal remembering -- Evolving consciousness: caring and cosmic love as a universal field -- Love and the heart's code?: emerging field of cardio-energetics and heart-centered living -- Holding holy space in our face, hands and heart -- From "facing our humanity" to "faces of water": artistic reflections revealing how different states of consciousness affect our world -- Metaphysical-ontological mandala for a caring science wheel of knowledge -- Re-patterning self for caring-healing -- Personal remembering: practicing personal forgiveness, gratitude, surrendering -- Human evolving for caring science and healing.