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    Homero Rivas, Katarzyna Wac, editors.
    Summary: "This book presents a comprehensive state-of the-art approach to digital health technologies and practices within the broad confines of healthcare practices. It provides a canvas to discuss emerging digital health solutions, propelled by the ubiquitous availability of miniaturized, personalized devices and affordable, easy to use wearable sensors, and innovative technologies like 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality and driverless robots and vehicles including drones. One of the most significant promises the digital health solutions hold is to keep us healthier for longer, even with limited resources, while truly scaling the delivery of healthcare. Digital Health: Scaling Healthcare to the World addresses the emerging trends and enabling technologies contributing to technological advances in healthcare practice in the 21st Century. These areas include generic topics such as mobile health and telemedicine, as well as specific concepts such as social media for health, wearables and quantified-self trends. Also covered are the psychological models leveraged in design of solutions to persuade us to follow some recommended actions, then the design and educational facets of the proposed innovations, as well as ethics, privacy, security, and liability aspects influencing its acceptance. Furthermore, sections on economic aspects of the proposed innovations are included, analyzing the potential business models and entrepreneurship opportunities in the domain."-- Provided by publisher.

    Introduction: Creating a case for Digital Health. Why this makes a lot of sense?
    Mobile Health
    Social Media and On-line Communities of Patients and Providers
    Informatics and Mass Data Analysis in Digital Health
    Wearable Technologies in healthcare
    The Quantified Self
    3D Printing
    Virtual and Augmented Reality
    Drones in healthcare
    Persuasion Technology and Behavioral Modification in Digital Health
    BioDesign of Digital Health
    Privacy and Security of Patient information in Digital Health
    Law aspects of Digital Health
    Entrepreneurship opportunities in Digital Health
    Who will pay for Digital Health? The Investor Point of View
    Education in Digital Health
    Ethics and Digital Health
    Future Directions of Digital Health and Final remarks.
    Digital Access Springer 2018