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    Janani Rangaswami, Edgar V. Lerma, Claudio Ronco, editors.
    Summary: Extending from the outpatient management of cardiovascular and kidney disease, to hospital-based decision making in patients with cardio-renal disease and complex interfaces such as hemodialysis in patients with ventricular assist device support, this book serves as a single reference point for cardiology and nephrology clinicians and researchers dealing with the significant overlap areas between these two specialties. Chapters cover the physiology, biomarkers, therapeutic agents and full spectrum of these comorbidities and feature separate sections on cardiovascular and CKD evaluations, stratification of kidney transplant patients, lipid management in CKD, interventional strategies and hypertension. Leaders in cardiology, nephrology, hypertension and lipidology bring together the latest evidence with their collective clinical experience into this invaluable resource. This textbook is an essential resource for physicians and allied professionals practicing cardiology, nephrology, students and physician trainees, to deepen their understanding of this crucial field.

    Part I. Cardiovascular disease spectrum in chronic kidney disease
    Part II. Chronic kidney disease and CAD: two sides of the same coin
    Part III. Cardio-renal syndrome
    Part IV. Cardiac evaluation of the renal transplant candidate
    Part V. Anticoagulation and antiplatelet therapy in CKD
    Part VI. Interventional strategies in cardiovascular disease in CKD
    Part VII. The cardiorenometabolic spectrum
    Part VIII. Dilemmas in hypertension
    Digital Access Springer 2017