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    David L. Nelson, Michael M. Cox.
    Summary: "Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry ... brings clarity and coherence to an often unwieldy discipline, offering a thoroughly updated survey of biochemistry's enduring principles, definitive discoveries, and groundbreaking new advances with each edition.This new Seventh Edition maintains the qualities that have distinguished the text since Albert Lehninger's original edition--clear writing, careful explanations of difficult concepts, helpful problem-solving support, and insightful communication of contemporary biochemistry's core ideas, new techniques, and pivotal discoveries. Again, David Nelson and Michael Cox introduce students to an extraordinary amount of exciting new findings without an overwhelming amount of extra discussion or detail."--Publisher description.

    The foundations of biochemistry
    I. Structure and catalysis. Water
    Amino acids, peptides, and proteins
    The three-dimensional structure of proteins
    Protein function
    Carbohydrates and glycobiology
    Nucleotides and nucleic acids
    DNA-based information technologies
    Biological membranes and transport
    II. Bioenergetics and metabolism. Bioenergetics and biochemical reaction types
    Glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, and the pentose phosphate pathway
    Principles of metabolic regulation
    The citric acid cycle
    Fatty acid catabolism
    Amino acid oxidation and the production of urea
    Oxidative phosphorylation
    Photosynthesis and carbohydrate synthesis in plants
    Lipid biosynthesis
    Biosynthesis of amino acids, nucleotides, and related molecules
    Hormonal regulation and integration of mammalian metabolism
    III. Information pathways. Genes and chromosomes
    DNA metabolism
    RNA metabolism
    Protein metabolism
    Regulation of gene expression
    Abbreviated solutions to problems
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