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    edited by Eline M. Schotsmans, Dr. Nicholas Márquez-Grant, Professor Shari Forbes.
    Part I General Post-Mortem Processes: Degradation of Soft Tissue, Bone and Associated Materials
    1 Gross Post-Mortem Changes in the Human Body
    2 Microscopic Post-Mortem Changes: the Chemistry of Decomposition
    3 Profiling Volatile Organic Compounds of Decomposition
    4 Blood Degradation and Bloodstain Age Estimation
    5 DNA Degradation: Current Knowledge and Progress in DNA Analysis
    6 Taphonomic Alterations to Hair and Nail
    7 Taphonomy of Teeth
    8 The Taphonomy of Natural Mummies
    9 Degradation of Clothing in Depositional Environments
    10 Post-Mortem Interval Estimation: an Overview of Techniques
    Part II The Depositional Environment
    11 Relationships between Human Remains, Graves and the Depositional Environment
    12 Bacterial Symbionts and Taphonomic Agents of Humans
    13 Forensic Entomology and Funerary Archaeoentomology
    14 Forensic Botany and Stomach Contents Analysis: Established Practice and Innovation
    15 The Effects of Weathering on Bone Preservation
    16 The Effects of Terrestrial Mammalian Scavenging and Avian Scavenging on the Body
    17 Decomposition in Aquatic Environments
    18 Post-Mortem Differential Preservation and its Utility in Interpreting Forensic and Archaeological Mass Burials
    19 Reconstructing the Original Arrangement, Organisation and Architecture of Burials in Archaeology
    Part III Anti-, Peri- and Post-Mortem Modifications to the Body
    20 Forensic Toxicology of Decomposed Human Remains
    21 Thermal Alteration to the Body
    22 Concealing the Crime: the Effects of Chemicals on Human Tissues
    23 Distinguishing between Peri- and Post-Mortem Trauma on Bone
    24 Collection Care and Management of Human Remains
    Part IV Case Studies
    25 The Use of Volatile Fatty Acid Biomarkers to Estimate the Post-Mortem Interval
    26 A Taphonomic Study Based on Observations of 196 Exhumations and 23 Clandestine Burials
    27 Case Studies on Taphonomic Variation between Cemetery Burials
    28 Forensic Entomology Case Studies from Mexico
    29 Recovery of Skeletonised Human Remains and Textile Degradation: a Case Study
    30 Saponified Brains of the Spanish Civil War
    31 Analysis and Interpretation of Burned Human Remains from a Homicide
    32 A Soldier's Story: Forensic Anthropology and Blast Injury
    33 Decomposition in an Unusual Environment: Body Sealed in Concrete
    34 A Case Study from Los Angeles: Baby in Concrete
    Part V Past, Present and Future Considerations
    35 History and Development of the First Anthropology Research Facility, Knoxville, Tennessee
    36 Crime Scene Investigation, Archaeology and Taphonomy: Reconstructing Activities at Crime Scenes.
    Digital Access Wiley 2017