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  • Book
    edited by Alberto Piqué and Pere Serra.
    1. Introduction to laser-induced transfer and other associated processes
    2. Origins of laser-induced transfer processes
    3. LIFT using a dynamic release layer
    4. Laser-induced forward transfer of fluids
    5. Advances in blister-actuated laser-induced forward transfer (BA-LIFT)
    6. Film-free LIFT (FF-LIFT)
    7. Laser-induced forward transfer of metals
    8. LIFT of solid films (ceramics and polymers)
    9. Laser-induced transfer of soft materials
    10. Congruent LIFT with high-viscosity nanopastes
    11. Laser printing of nanoparticles
    12. Laser printing of electronic materials
    13. Laser printing of chemical and biological sensors
    14. Laser printing of proteins and biomaterials
    15. Laser-assisted bioprinting of cells for tissue engineering
    16. Industrial, large-area, and high-throughput LIFT/LIBT digital printing
    17. LIFT of 3D metal structures
    18. Laser transfer of entire structures and functional devices.
    Digital Access Wiley 2018