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    Eugene C. Toy, Barry C. Simon, Katrin Y. Takenaka, Terrence H. Liu, Adam J. Rosh.
    Cases 1-6. Resuscitation
    cases 7-12. Cardiovascular
    cases 13-15. Pulmonary
    cases 16-20. Gastrointestinal
    cases 17-24. Renal/genitourinary
    cases 25-31. Neuro
    cases 32-34. Pediatrics
    cases 35-38. Obstetrics/gynecology
    cases 38-42. Infectious
    cases 43-45. Trauma
    cases 46-47. Wounds
    cases 48-49. Head, eyes, ears, neck, throat
    cases 50-51. Hematological
    cases 52-55. Environmental
    cases 56-59. Toxicology/substance abuse.