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    edited by Gabriel M. Danovitch.
    Options for patients with advanced kidney disease / Gabriel M. Danovitch
    Transplantation immunobiology / Hehua Dai and Fadi G. Lakkis
    Histocompatability testing, crossmatching, immune monitoring / Michael Cecka and Elaine Reid
    The science of deceased donor kidney transplantation / Frank Delmonico, Helen Nelson, and Jeffrey Veale
    Allocation of deceased donor organs / Tom Mone and Prasad Garimella
    Immunosupressive medications and protocols / Erik Lum, Ted Sievers, and Gabriel M. Danovitch
    Living donor kidney transplantation / Anjay Rastogi, Mara Hersh-Rifkin, Albin Gritsch, Jeffrey Veale, and Suzanne McGuire
    Evaluation of kidney transplant candidates / Mike Bunnapradist and Uttam Reddy
    The transplant operation and its surgical complications / Albin Gritsch and Jeffrey Veale
    Post-transplant : the first three months / Phuong-Thu T. Pham and Gabriel M. Danovitch
    Post-transplant : long term management and complications / Edmund Huang and Bertram Kasiske
    Infections in kidney transplantation / Joanna Schaenman and Bertram Kubak
    Kidney transplantation and liver disease / Mike Bunnapradist and Paul Martin
    Diagnostic imaging in kidney transplantation / Steven Raman and Nagesh Ragavendra
    Histopathology of kidney transplantation / Cynthia C. Nast and Mark Haas
    Options for the diabetic kidney transplant candidate / Gerald Lipshutz
    Kidney transplantation in children / Eileen W. Tsai, Meghan H. Pearl, and Robert B. Ettenger
    Psychiatric aspects of kidney transplantation / Akhil Shenoy and Itai Danovitch
    Organ transplant law and ethics / Alexandra Glazier
    Nutrition in kidney transplant candidates / Mareena George
    Psychosocial and financial aspects of kidney transplantation / Mara Hersh Rifkin
    Kidney transplantation in the developing world / Rudolph Garcia-Gallont and Elmi Muller
    The declaration of istanbul on organ trafficking and transplant tourism / Gabriel M. Danovitch.
    Digital Access Ovid 2017