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    edited by Sameer Mehta.
    Part I. Guidelines, thrombolytic therapy, pharmacology
    1. Compendium of STEMI clinical trials
    2. European Society of Cardiology and American College of Cardiology STEMI guidelines
    3. The role of thrombolytic therapy in the era of STEMI interventions
    4. Anticoagulants in STEMI interventions
    5. New oral and intravenous adenosine diphosphate blockers in STEMI intervention
    Part II. The STEMI procedure
    6. The role of acute circulatory support in STEMI
    7. Thrombus management for STEMI interventions
    8. Transradial techniques to improve STEMI outcomes
    9. Management of cardiogenic shock
    10. Present role of thrombectomy in STEMI interventions
    11. Choice of stent in STEMI interventions
    12. Illustrated STEMI procedures I. Basic STEMI skills
    13. Illustrated STEMI procedures II. Basic STEMI skills
    14. Illustrated STEMI Procedures III. Basic STEMI skills
    15. Remote ischemic conditioning for acute myocardial infarction
    Part III. The STEMI process
    16. Reducing door-to-balloon times
    17. Pre-hospital triage and management
    18. Creating networks for optimal STEMI management
    19. Pharacoinvasive management of STEMI
    Part IV. Global STEMI initiatives
    20. Stent for life: the European perspective on STEMI interventions
    21. Urban combined pharmacoinvasive managment of STEMI patients as antidote to traffic in large metropolitan cities
    22. Lessons from the Puerto Rico Unfarction National Collaborative Experience Initiative
    23. The STEMI Care Program in China
    24. STEMI India
    25. The role of telemedicine in STEMI interventions
    26. Innovative telemedicine STEMI protocols
    Part V. Future perspectives
    27. STEMI interventions, beyond the culprit lesion
    28. Promising technologies for STEMI interventions
    Digital Access Wiley 2017