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    Indu Singh, Alison Weston, Avinash Kundur.
    Summary: Hematology Case Studies with Blood Cell Morphology and Pathophysiology compiles specialized case studies with specific information on various hematological disorders with Full Blood Examination (FBE or CBC), blood film images and pathophysiology of each condition. In addition, it provides basic information on how to recognize and diagnose hematological conditions that are frequently observed in the laboratory. Technicians and scientists working in core laboratories such as biochemistry labs or blood banks will find this book to be extremely thorough. Moreover, it can be used as a reference book by technicians, scientists and hematologists in every level of expertise in diagnosing hematological disorders.

    1. Introduction
    2. Microcytic disorders
    3. Normocytic disorders-- 4. Macrocytic disorders
    5. Nonimmune haemolytic disorders (RBC metaolic abnormalities)
    6. Nonimmune haemolytic disorders (RBC membrane abnormalities)
    7. Immune haemolytic disorders
    8. Acute leukaemias
    9. Myeloproliferative/myelodysplastic disorders
    10. Chronic lymphoproliferative disorders
    11. Lymphomas
    12. Plasma cell disorders
    13. Haemostatic disorders (microangiopathic haemolytic anaemia)
    14. Haematological infections
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2017