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    volume editor, Claudio Ronco.
    Expanded hemodialysis : a new concept therapy / X. Yu -- Middle-molecule uremic toxins and outcomes in chronic kidney disease / Z.A. Massy, S. Liabeuf -- Uremia retention molecules and clinical outcomes / F. Carvalho Barreto, D. Veit Barreto, M.E.F. Canziani -- End-stage renal disease, inflammation, and cardiovascular outcomes / L. Dai, E. Golembiewska, B. Lindholm, P. Stenvinkel -- The cardiovascular burden in end-stage renal disease / M. Cozzolino, A. Galassi, F. Pivari, P. Ciceri, F. Conte -- Inflammation and protein-energy wasting in the uremic milieu / M. Jankowska, G. Cobo, B. Lindholm, P. Stenvinkel -- Inflammation : a key contributor to the genesis and progression of chronic kidney disease / Q. Qian -- Solute transport in hemodialysis : advances and limitations of current membrane technology / W.R. Clark, D. Gao, M. Neri, C. Ronco -- Membrane innovation in dialysis / A. Boschetti-de-Fierro, W. Beck, H. Hildwein, B. Krause, M. Storr, C. Zweigart -- Multidimensional classification of dialysis membranes / C. Ronco, M. Neri, A. Lorenzin, F. Garzotto, W.R. Clark. Modeling of internal filtration in TheraNova hemodialyzers / A. Lorenzin, M. Neri, W.R. Clark, F. Garzotto, A. Brendolan, F. Nalesso, N. Marchionna, M. Zanella, M. Sartori, G.B. Fiore, C. Ronco -- The rational for extended haemodialysis therapy (HDx) / C.A. Hutchison, M. Wolley -- Expanded hemodialysis therapy : prescription and delivery / N. Heyne -- Effects of hemodialysis therapy using dialyzers with medium cut-off membranes on middle molecules molecules / A.H. Kirsch, A.R. Rosenkranz, R. Lyko, D.H. Krieter -- The place of large pore membranes in the treatment portfolio of patients on hemodialysis / W. Van Biesen, R. Vanholder, E. Schepers, G. Glorieux, A. Dhondt, S. Eloot -- Large middle molecules and albumin removal : why should not we rest on our laurels? / N. Florens, L. Juillard -- Effects of expanded hemodialysis therapy on clinical outcomes / S. Mitra, K. Kharbanda.
    Digital Access  Karger 2017