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    volume editors, Olivier Rabin, Yannis Pitsiladis.
    Brief introduction to the history of anti-doping / Ljungqvist, A.
    The development of the world anti-doping code / Young, R.
    Is the fight against doping in sport a legal minefield like any other? / Haas, U.
    How will the legal and sport environment influence a future code? / Niggli, O.
    Structure and development of the list of prohibited substances and methods / Kinahan, A.; Budgett, R.; Mazzoni, I.
    Therapeutic use exemptions / Gerrard, D.; Pipe, A.
    Challenges in modern anti-doping analytical science / Ayotte, C.; Miller, J.; Thevis, M.
    Achievements and challenges in anti-doping research / Bowers, L.D.; Bigard, X.
    Gene and cell doping : the new frontier : beyond myth or reality / Neuberger, E.W.I.; Simon, P.
    The athlete biological passport : how to personalize anti-doping testing across an athlete's career? / Robinson, N.; Sottas, P.-E.; Schumacher, Y.O.
    Next generation "omic" approaches in the "fight" against blood doping / Wang, G.; Karanikolou, A. ; Verdouka, I.; Friedmann, T.; Pitsiladis, Y.
    Integration of the forensic dimension into anti-doping strategies / Marclay, F.; Saugy, M.
    How to develop intelligence gathering in efficient and practical anti-doping activities / Holz, M; Robertson, J.
    Education in anti-doping: the art of self-imposed constraints / Loland, S.
    Can we better integrate the role of anti-doping in sports and society? : a psychological approach to contemporary value-based prevention / Petróczi, A. ; Norman, P.; Brueckner, S.
    Sport, society, and anti-doping policy : an ethical overview / Bloodworth, A.J.; McNamee, M.
    A moral foundation for anti-doping : how far have we progressed? where are the limits? / Murray, T.H.
    Conclusion and perspectives / Howman, D.
    Digital Access Karger 2017