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    edited by Maria A. Sullivan and Frances R. Levin.
    Summary: An evidence-based review of diagnostic and treatment strategies for successfully managing alcohol and substance use disorders in older adults. With contributions from leaders in the field of addiction treatment, this volume offers the most current clinical recommendations and describes best practices for implementing effective treatments in this growing patient population.

    Introduction / Maria Sullivan, Frances R. Levin
    Recognizing addiction in older patients / Anna Levesque, Edward Nunes
    Brief interventions for substance use disorder in older adults / Roland C. Merchant, Francesca L. Beaudoin
    Alcohol and older adults / Anna Terajewicz LaRose, John Renner
    Abuse of opioids and prescription medications / Isis Burgos-Chapman, Louis Trevisan, Kevin Sevarino
    Cannabis, nicotine, and stimulant abuse in older adults / Isis Burgos-Chapman, Louis Trevisan, Kevin Sevarino
    Benzodiazepines and other sedative-hypnotics in the older adult / Arthur Robin Williams, Olivera J. Bogunovic
    Assessment of the older patient / Arthur Robin Williams, Olivera J. Bogunovic
    Sex differences in late-life substance use disorders / Elizabeth Evans, Maria Sullivan
    Treatment options for older adults with substance use disorders / Stacy A. Cohen, Margaret M. Haglund, Larissa J. Mooney
    Technology-based interventions for late-life addiction Ersa Alagoz, Kim Johnson, Andrew Quanbeck, David Gustafson Jr.
    Conclusion / Maria Sullivan.
    Digital Access Oxford 2016