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    Ofra Mayseless.
    Introduction -- Part I: Conceptual frameworks regarding caring -- Spiritual views of caring: caring as divine -- Evolutionary approaches to caring/caregiving -- Empathetic processes as key experiences in caring -- Biological bases of caregiving -- Attachment theory and caregiving -- Feminist perspectives -- Part II: Manifestations of caring and caregiving in different domains and contexts -- Caring for familiar others -- Caring for strangers: conceptual perspectives -- Caring for strangers: examples of caring and nurturance -- Caring for nonhuman entities -- Caring in different social roles and contexts -- Part III: The development of caring and individual differences -- The developmental course of the motivation to care: ontogenic development of caring -- Individual differences in caring -- Sex/gender differences in caregiving -- Part IV: A conceptual model of caring as a motivation -- The "caring motivational system": fundamental, innate, complex, and sophisticated (composition and operation) -- The "caring motivational system": general, emconpassing, diverse, and flexible (similarity and diversity) -- Tying the diverse conceptual perspectives together: ultimate and proximate causes -- The nature of the human species: conceptual and applied implications -- Summary and major contributions.
    Digital Access  OSO 2016