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    edited by Challa Vijaya Kumar.
    Encapsulating proteins in nanoparticles: batch by batch or one by one
    Enzyme adsorption on nanoparticle surface probed by highly sensitive second harmonic light scattering
    Armoring enzymes by metal-organic frameworks by the coprecipitation method
    Enzyme armoring by an organosilica layer: synthesis and characterization of hybrid organic/inorganic nanobiocatalysts
    Strategies for biophysical characterization of protein-polymer conjugates
    Guide to the preparation of molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticles for protein recognition by solid-phase synthesis
    Armored urease: enzyme-bioconjugated poly(acrylamide) hydrogel as a storage and sensing platform
    Armored enzyme-nanohybrids and their catalytic function under challenging conditions
    Approaches for conjugating tailor-made polymers to proteins
    Nanoarmoring of enzymes by polymer-functionalized iron oxide nanoparticles
    Expression of cellulytic enzyme as a fusion protein that reacts specifically with a polymeric scaffold
    Nanoarmoring of proteins by conjugation to block copolymer micelles
    Semisynthetic enzymes by protein-peptide site-directed covalent conjugation: methods and applications
    Transgultaminase-mediated nanoarmoring of enzymes by PEGylation
    Polymer-based protein engineering: synthesis and characterization of armored, high graft density polymer-protein conjugates
    Nano-armoring of enzymes: rational design of polymer-wrapped enzymes
    Nanoarmored enzymes for organic enzymology: synthesis and characterization of poly(2-alkyloxazoline)-enzyme conjugates
    Preparation and applications of dendronized polymer-enzyme conjugates
    Nanoarmoring of enzymes by interlocking in cellulose fibers with poly(acrylic acid)
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