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  • Book
    edited by Kenneth J. Olivier Jr., Sara A. Hurvitz.
    Digital : Wiley2017
    Typical antibody-drug conjugates / John Lambert -- Selecting optimal ADC targets using indication-dependent or indication-independent approaches / Robert Hollingsworth and Jay Harper -- Antibody drug conjugates : an overview of the CMC and characterization process / Janet Wolfe and Phillip Ross -- Linker and conjugation technology and improvements / Riley Ennis and Sourav Sinha -- Formulation and stability / Kouhei Tsumoto, Anthony Young, and Satoshi Ohtake -- QC assay development / Xiao-Hong Chen and Mate Tolnay -- Occupational health and safety aspects of ADCs and their toxic payloads / Robert Sussman and John Farris -- Bioanalytical strategies enabling successful ADC translation / Xiaogang Han, Lindsay King, and Steve Hansel -- Nonclinical pharmacology and mechanistic modeling of antibody drug conjugates in support of human clinical trials / Brian J. Schmidt, Chin Pan, Heather E. Vezina, Huadong Sun, Douglas D. Leipold, and Manish Gupta -- Pharmacokinetics of antibody-drug conjugates / Amrita Kamath -- Path to market approval : regulatory perspective of ADC nonclinical safety assessments / Stacey Ricci and Natalie Simpson -- Antibody drug conjugates : clinical strategies and applications / Heather E. Vezina, Lucy Lee, Brian J. Schmidt, Manish Gupta -- Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) in clinical development / Patricia LoRusso and Joseph McLaughlin -- ADCs approved for use : Trastuzumab emtansine (Kadcyla, T-DM1) in patients with previously treated HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer / Gail Lewis Phillips, Sanne de Hass, Sandhya Girish, and Ellie Guardino -- ADCs approved for use : Brentuximab Vedotin / Sven DeVos and Monica Mead -- Radioimmunotherapy / Jeffrey Wong and Savita Dandapani -- Radiolabeled antibody-based imaging in clinical oncology / Bart Hendriks and Daniel Gaddy -- Antibody-drug conjugates : the next evolution in the cure for cancer -- William C. Olson and Amy Q. Han.