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  • Book
    edited by Ilina Singh, Walter P. Sinnott-Armstrong, Julian Savulescu.
    Digital : OSO2013
    Foreword / Philip Campbell -- Contributors -- Introduction : deviance, classification, and bioprediction / Ilina Singh and Walter P. Sinnott-Armstrong -- Behavioral biomarkers : what are they good for? : toward the ethical use of biomarkers / Matthew Baum and Julian Savulescu -- Bioprediction in youth justice / Charlotte K. Walsh -- The inclusion of biological risk factors in violence risk assessments / John Monahan -- Bioprediction in criminal cases / Christopher Slobogin -- The limits of legal use of neuroscience / Colin Campbell and Nigel Eastman -- Rethinking the implications of discovering biomarkers for biologically based criminality / Paul Root Wolpe -- MAOA and the bioprediction of antisocial behavior : science fact and science fiction / Joshua W. Buckholtz and Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg -- Genetic biomarker research of callous-unemotional traits in children : implications for the law and policymaking / Essi Viding and Eamon McCrory -- The neural code for intentions in the human brain / John-Dylan Haynes -- Biomarkers : potentials and challenges / Michael Rutter -- Neuroimaging-based automatic classification of schizophrenia / Vince D. Calhoun and Mohammad R. Arbabshirani -- Index.