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    Allan L. Truant, editor-in-chief.
    Role of the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the regulation of clinical microbiology devices / Kathleen B. Whitaker, Sally A. Hojvat, and Estelle Russek-Cohen
    Commercial blood culture systems and methods / Micheal L. Wilson, Melvin P. Weinstein, and L. Barth Reller
    Rapid devices and instruments for the identification of aerobic bacteria / Laura J. Chandler, P. Rocco LaSala, and Susan Whittier
    Rapid devices and instruments for the identification of anaerobic bacteria / Christopher L. Emery, Maria D. Appleman, Jean A. Siders, Thomas E. Davis (and Stephen D. Allen, deceased)
    Rapid antigen devices and instruments for the detection and identification of viruses / Wallace H. Greene, Marilyn A. Menegus, and Allan L. Truant
    Molecular tests for the identification of viruses / Scott Duong and Christine C. Ginocchio
    Viral hepatitis / Emily Cartwright and Yun F. (Wayne) Wang
    Human papillomaviruses / N. Esther Babdy
    Human immunodeficiency virus / Richard L. Hodinka
    Chlamydia / Claudiu I. Bandea, Robert C. Jerris, and Carolyn M. Black
    Mycoplasma / Ken B. Waites and Cecile Bbar
    Commercial methods for identification and susceptibility testing of fungi / Stephen A. Moser and Jason Wicker
    Mycobacteria / Xiang Yang Han
    Diagnostic medical parasitology / Lynne S. Garcia and Gary W. Procop
    Molecular microbiology / Raghava Potula and Yi-Wei Tang
    Automated immunoassay analyzers / Richard L. Hodinka and Matthew J. Binnicker
    Molecular typing instruments and methods / Ruth Ann Luna
    Commercial methods in clinical veterinary microbiology / Thomas J. Inzana, Xiang-Jin Meng, Tanja Opriessing, and Lora Ballweber
    Microbiology laborry information systems / Raymond D. Aller and Vincent Salazar
    Emerging infectious diseases / Brett Laurence, Julie Collins, Carolyn Fernandes, Rafik Samuel, and Byungse Suh
    Automated and manual systems for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria / Alan T. Evangelista and James A. Karlowsky
    Bioterrorism / James W. Snyder and Michael A. Pentella
    Clinical microbiology : looking ahead / Natalie N. Whitfield, Raquel M. Martinez, and Donna M. Wolk.
    Digital Access Wiley 2016