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    Bruna Corradetti, editor.
    Host response to implanted materials and devices, overview
    Innate and acquired immunity: umoral and cellular components (Protein adsorption, cell recruitment, tissue response)
    Acute/Chronic inflammation, foreign body reaction
    Macrophages: from immune response to tissue restoration
    Host response to cell-grafted biomaterials
    Host response to therapeutic nanoparticles
    Host response to synthetic versus natural biomaterials (The effects of the composition, structure on function, stability, and final outcome)
    Biomimicry at the cell-material interface to mitigate the immune reaction
    Bioactive materials design for immunomodulation. exploiting the patient's own body machinery to achieve functional tissue restoration
    Host response to materials for orthopaedic applications: current approaches and future perspectives
    Methods to activate cellular immunity or determine immune evasion.
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