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    Steven M. Donn, Sunil K. Sinha, editors.
    Section I. Lung development and maldevelopment
    Section II. Principles of mechanical ventilation
    Section III. Procedures and techniques
    Section IV. Monitoring the ventilated patient
    Section V. Noninvasive ventilatory techniques
    Section VI. Ventilatory modes and modalities
    Section VII. High-frequency ventilation
    Section VIII. Commonly used neonatal ventilators
    Section IX. Adjunctive therapies
    Section X. Management of common neonatal respiratory diseases
    Section XI. Bronchopulmonary dyplasia
    Section XII. Complications associated with mechanical ventilation
    Section XIII. Other considerations
    Section XIV. Ethical and legal considerations
    Section XV. Research, quality, and the literature
    Section XVI. Ventilatory case studies
    Digital Access Springer 2017