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    Chantra Eskes, Maurice Whelan, editors.
    Introduction / Chantra Eskes, Maurice Whelan
    Validation in support of internationally harmonised OECD test guidelines for assessing the safety of chemicals / Anne Gourmelon, Nathalie Delrue
    Regulatory acceptance of alternative methods in the development and approval of pharmaceuticals / Sonja Beken, Peter Kasper, Jan-Willem van der Laan
    Validation of alternative in vitro methods to animal testing: concepts, challenges, processes and tools / Claudius Griesinger, Bertrand Desprez, Sandra Coecke, Warren Casey, Valérie Zuang
    Practical aspects of designing and conducting validation studies involving multi-study trials / Sandra Coecke [and others]
    Validation of computational methods / Grace Patlewicz, Andrew P. Worth, Nicholas Ball
    Implementation of new test methods into practical testing / Rodger D. Curren, Albrecht Poth, Hans A. Raabe
    Pathway based toxicology and fit-for-purpose assays / Rebecca A. Clewell [and others]
    Evidence-based toxicology / Sebastian Hoffmann, Thomas Hartung, Martin Stephens
    Validation of transcriptomics-based in vitro methods / Raffaella Corvi, Mireia Vilardell, Jiri Aubrecht, Aldert Piersma
    Ensuring the quality of stem cell-derived in vitro models for toxicity testing
    Glyn N. Stacey, Sandra Coecke, Anna-Bal Price, Lyn Healy, Paul Jennings, Anja Wilmes&
    Validation of bioreactor and human-on-a-chip devices for chemical safety assessment
    Sofia P. Rebelo [and others]
    Integrated approaches to testing and assessment / Andrew P. Worth, Grace Patlewicz
    International harmonization and cooperation in the validation of alternative methods / João Barroso [and others]
    Evolving the principles and practice of validation for new alternative approaches to toxicity testing / Maurice Whelan, Chantra Eskes.
    Digital Access Springer 2016