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    Bogda Koczwara, editor.
    1. What is comorbidity?
    2. How do we measure comorbidity?
    3. Cancer, chronic conditions and social disadvantage--the perfect storm
    4. Impact of comorbidity on cancer screening and diagnosis
    5. Impact of comorbidity on treatment decision making and outcomes
    6. The impact of cancer and chronic conditions on caregivers and family members
    7. Prevention of chronic conditions and cancer
    8. Chronic condition management models for cancer care and survivorship
    9. The mamangement of polypharmacy in people with cancer and chronic conditions
    10. Breaking the silos: integrated care for cancer and chronic conditions
    11. Advocacy in cancer and chronic conditions--challenges and opportunities
    12. Research considerations in patients with cancer and comorbidity
    13. The cost of cure: chronic conditions in survivors of child, adolescent, and young adult cancers
    14. Chronic conditions and cancer in older adults
    15. Chronic conditions and cancer at the end of life.
    Digital Access Springer 2016