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    edited by Haresh Kirpalani, Monica Epelman, John Richard Mernagh.
    1. Introduction to the principles of the radiological investigation of the neonate / Sara B. DeMauro, John Mernagh, Monica Epelman and Haresh Kirpalani -- 2. Evidence based use of diagnostic imaging: reliability and validity / Sara B. DeMauro and Haresh Kirpalani -- 3. The chest / David Munson, Monica Epelman, David Millar and Haresh Kirpalani -- 4. Neonatal congenital heart disease / Jeffrey C. Hellinger and Mary M. K. Seshia -- 5. Special considerations for neonatal ECMO / Maria Fraga, James Connolly, Holly Hedrick and Natalie Rintoul -- 6. The central nervous system / Hiten Mehta, Monica Epelman, Claire Miller, John Mernagh and Elaine Boyle -- 7. The gastrointestinal tract / Garry Inglis, Michael A. Posencheg, John Mernagh and David Cartwright -- 8. The kidney / Kevin Meyers and Monica Epelman -- 9. Some principles of in utero and postnatal formation of the skeleton / Martin Reed, Saima Aftab and Anne Ades -- 10. Metabolic diseases / Xing-Chang Wei and Aneal Khan -- 11. Catheters and tubes / David Cartwright and Garry Inglis -- 12. Routine prenatal screening during pregnancy / Eileen Y. Wang, John Mernagh and Michael A. Posencheg -- 13. Antenatal diagnosis of selected defects / Michael A. Posencheg and Eileen Wang -- Index.
    Digital Access  Cambridge 2012