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    edited by Bobby Korn, Don Kikkawa.
    Foundations of oculofacial plastic surgery -- Chalazion incision and drainage -- Upper blepharoplasty -- Asian upper blepharoplasty -- Asian eyelid crease formation (double eyelid operation) by suture ligation method -- Revision of Asian upper eyelid crease -- Root Z-epicanthoplasty -- Mustardé's epicanthoplasty -- Transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty with fat redraping -- Transcutaneous lower blepharoplasty with orbitomalar suspension and fat redraping -- Ptosis repair by external levator advancement -- Ptosis repair by small incision external levator advancement -- Ptosis repair by conjunctival Müller's muscle resection -- Congenital ptosis repair by levator resection -- Frontalis suspension with silicone rod -- Repair of conjunctival prolapse -- Upper eyelid retraction repair -- Levator extirpation and frontalis suspension -- Upper eyelid loading with platinum weight -- Direct browplasty -- Internal browplasty -- Endoscopic browplasty -- Pretrichial browplasty -- Facelift by minimal access cranial suspension (macs) -- Ectropion repair by retractor reinsertion and lateral tarsal strip -- Ectropion repair by medial spindle -- Ectropion repair with full thickness skin grafting -- Canthus sparing drill hole canthoplasty -- Entropion repair by transconjunctival approach -- Entropion repair by Wies procedure -- Entropion repair by posterior tarsotomy -- Epiblepharon repair -- Limited upper eyelid protractor myectomy -- Lower eyelid retraction repair with porcine acellular dermal collagen matrix -- Lower eyelid retraction repair with dermis fat -- Lower eyelid retraction repair with hard palate grafting -- Lower eyelid wedge resection and reconstruction -- Lower eyelid reconstruction with periosteal flap and upper eyelid rotational flap -- Lower eyelid reconstruction with semicircular flap -- Lower eyelid reconstruction with Hughes' tarsoconjunctival flap -- Lower eyelid reconstruction with Mustardé flap -- Lateral canthal reconstruction with rhomboid flap -- Upper eyelid reconstruction with cutler-beard flap and free tarsal graft -- Temporal artery biopsy -- Conjunctival pillar tarsorrhaphy -- Lateral tarsorrhaphy -- Autologous fat transfer to the tear trough -- Hyaluronic acid gel filler to the inferior periorbita -- Botulinum toxin treatment for lateral canthal rhytids (crow's feet) -- Botulinum toxin treatment for glabellar rhytids -- Botulinum toxin treatment for forehead rhytids -- Thermal conjunctivoplasty -- Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy -- Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy with osteotome -- Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy with lacrimal sac biopsy -- Endoscopic revision of failed dacryocystorhinostomy -- Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy with intranasal flap suturing -- Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy with balloon dacryoplasty -- Endoscopic conjunctivodacryocystorhinostomy -- Bicanalicular intubation with silicone stent -- Treatment of canaliculitis -- Silicone stent intubation with pigtail probe -- Snip punctoplasty -- Three wall orbital decompression -- Lateral orbitotomy with rim removal -- Inferior orbitotomy for cavernous hemangioma -- Orbital fracture repair -- Orbital floor reconstruction in silent sinus syndrome -- Transcaruncular approach to ethmoidal artery ligation -- Reposition of prolapsed lacrimal gland -- Optic nerve sheath fenestration -- Evisceration with orbital implant placement -- Enucleation and orbital implant placement -- Orbital exenteration -- Orbital implant exchange with dermis fat graft -- Multidisciplinary management of orbital varix.
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