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    Kazuo Tanishita, Kimiko Yamamoto, editors.
    Chapter 1 Introduction
    Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Vascular Bio-fluid and Solid Mechanics
    Chapter 3 Fundamentals of Physiology and Biology of Vascular System
    Chapter 4 Hemodynamics in Physio- and Pathological Vessels
    Chapter 5 Cyclic Stretch-Induced Reorganization of Stress Fibers in Endothelial Cells
    Chapter 6 Mechanical Characterization of Vascular Endothelial Cells Exposed to Fluid Shear Stress
    Chapter 7 Tensile Properties of Smooth Muscle Cells, Elastin, and Collagen Fibers
    Chapter 8 Mechanobiology of Endothelial Cells Related to the Formation of Arterial Disease
    Chapter9 Mechanotransduction of Shear Stress by the Endothelium
    Chapter 10 Mechanobiology of Endothelial Cells Related to the Pathogenesis of Arterial Disease
    Chapter 11 Vascular Engineering of Blood Coagulation
    Chapter 12 Vascular Engine ering to Make Blood-Compatible Surface
    Chapter 13 Vascular Engineering of Circulatory Assist Devices
    Chapter 14 Innovations in Measuring Cellular Mechanics
    Chapter 15 Innovation of Vascular Engineering by Mechano-medicine
    Chapter 16 Integrated Vascular Engineering: Vascularization of Reconstructed Tissue
    Chapter 17 Novel Technology to Assay the Multicellular Network: On-Chip Cellomics Technology.-.
    Digital Access Springer 2016