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    Kazuo Tanishita, Kimiko Yamamoto, editors.
    Chapter 1 Introduction -- Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Vascular Bio-fluid and Solid Mechanics -- Chapter 3 Fundamentals of Physiology and Biology of Vascular System -- Chapter 4 Hemodynamics in Physio- and Pathological Vessels -- Chapter 5 Cyclic Stretch-Induced Reorganization of Stress Fibers in Endothelial Cells -- Chapter 6 Mechanical Characterization of Vascular Endothelial Cells Exposed to Fluid Shear Stress -- Chapter 7 Tensile Properties of Smooth Muscle Cells, Elastin, and Collagen Fibers -- Chapter 8 Mechanobiology of Endothelial Cells Related to the Formation of Arterial Disease -- Chapter9 Mechanotransduction of Shear Stress by the Endothelium -- Chapter 10 Mechanobiology of Endothelial Cells Related to the Pathogenesis of Arterial Disease -- Chapter 11 Vascular Engineering of Blood Coagulation -- Chapter 12 Vascular Engine ering to Make Blood-Compatible Surface -- Chapter 13 Vascular Engineering of Circulatory Assist Devices -- Chapter 14 Innovations in Measuring Cellular Mechanics -- Chapter 15 Innovation of Vascular Engineering by Mechano-medicine -- Chapter 16 Integrated Vascular Engineering: Vascularization of Reconstructed Tissue -- Chapter 17 Novel Technology to Assay the Multicellular Network: On-Chip Cellomics Technology.-.
    Digital Access  Springer 2016