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  • Book
    edited by János Fischer, C. Robin Ganellin, David P. Rotella.
    Digital : Wiley2013
    General Aspects. Pioneer and Analogue Drugs / Janos Fischer, C Robin Ganellin, David P Rotella -- Competition in the Pharmaceutical Drug Development / Christian Tyrchan, Fabrizio Giordanetto -- Metabolic Stability and Analogue-Based Drug Discovery / Amit S Kalgutkar, Antonia F Stepan -- Use of Macrocycles in Drug Design Exemplified with Ulimorelin, a Potential Ghrelin Agonist for Gastrointestinal Motility Disorders / Mark L Peterson, Hamid Hoveyda, Graeme Fraser, Eric Marsault, Rene Gagnon -- Drug Classes. The Discovery of Anticancer Drugs Targeting Epigenetic Enzymes / A Ganesan -- Thienopyridyl and Direct-Acting P2Y Receptor Antagonist Antiplatelet Drugs / Joseph A Jakubowski, Atsuhiro Sugidachi -- Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators / Amarjit Luniwal, Rachael Jetson, Paul Erhardt -- Discovery of Nonpeptide Vasopressin V2 Receptor Antagonists / Kazumi Kondo, Hidenori Ogawa -- The Development of Cysteinyl Leukotriene Receptor Antagonists / Peter R Bernstein -- Case Studies. The Discovery of Dabigatran Etexilate / Norbert Hauel, Andreas Clemens, Herbert Nar, Henning Priepke, Joanne van Ryn, Wolfgang Wienen -- The Discovery of Citalopram and Its Refinement to Escitalopram / Klaus P Bogeso, Connie Sanchez -- Tapentadol : From Morphine and Tramadol to the Discovery of Tapentadol / Helmut Buschmann -- Novel Taxanes: Cabazitaxel Case Study / Herve Bouchard, Dorothee Semiond, Marie-Laure Risse, Patricia Vrignaud -- Discovery of Boceprevir and Narlaprevir: A Case Study for Role of Structure-Based Drug Design / Srikanth Venkatraman, Andrew Prongay, George F Njoroge -- A New-Generation Uric Acid Production Inhibitor: Febuxostat / Ken Okamoto, Shiro Kondo, Takeshi Nishino.