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    Jochanan Benbassat.
    1. Introduction
    2. Paradigmatic shifts in the theory, practice and teaching of medicine in recent decades
    3. Teaching behavioral and social sciences to medical students
    4. Difficulties in learning and teaching patient interviewing
    5. Overcoming difficulties in teaching patient interviewing
    6. Doctor-patient relations
    7. Barriers to doctor-patient communication
    8. Diagnostic utility of the physical examination and ancillary tests
    9. Physical-examination skills: learning difficulties
    10. Learning and teaching physical-examination skills by clinical context
    11. Recording the clinical data base
    12. Recording personal and social data and examination of asymptomatic persons
    13. Recording the patient's history
    14. Intuitive vs analytic clinical reasoning
    15. Should clinical training rely on role modeling?.
    Digital Access Springer 2015