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    edited by Alejandro Brun.
    Vaccines and vaccination for veterinary viral diseases : a general overview / Alejandro Brun
    Using IC-tagging methodology for production and purification of epitope-loaded protein microspheres for vaccination / Natalia Barreiro- Piñeiro ... [et al.]
    Plant-based vaccine antigen production / Hoang Trong Phan and Udo Conrad
    DNA vaccines : experiences in the swine model / Francesc Accensi, Fernando Rodríguez, and Paula L. Monteagudo
    Novel adjuvants and immunomodulators for veterinary vaccines / Peter M.H. Heegaard, Yongxiang Fang, and Gregers Jungersen
    Polymerase mechanism-based method of viral attenuation / Cheri A. Lee ... [et al.]
    BacMam platform for vaccine antigen delivery / Günther M. Keil ... [et al.]
    Laboratory-scale production of replication-deficient adenovirus vectored vaccines / Susan J. Morris ... [et al.]
    Generation of recombinant modified vaccinia virus ankara encoding VP2, NS1, and VP7 proteins of bluetongue virus / Alejandro Marín- López and Javier Ortego
    Generation of recombinant capripoxvirus vectors for vaccines and gene knockout function studies / Hani Boshra, Jingxin Cao, and Shawn Babiuk
    Recombinant swinepox virus for veterinary vaccine development / Hong-Jie Fan and Hui-Xing Lin
    Generation and selection of Orf virus (ORFV) recombinants / Hanns-Joachim Rziha, Jörg Rohde, and Ralf Amann
    Polycistronic herpesvirus amplicon vectors for veterinary vaccine development / Anita Felicitas Meier, Andrea Sara Laimbacher, and Mathias Ackermann
    Construction and application of newcastle disease virus-based vector vaccines / Paul J. Wichgers Schreur
    Chimeric pestivirus experimental vaccines / Ilona Reimann, Sandra Blome, and Martin Beer
    Analysis of the cellular immune responses to vaccines / Nicholas Svitek ... [et al.].
    Digital Access Springer 2016