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    edited by David Biron, Gal Haspel.
    Library construction for mutation identification by whole-genome sequencing / Harold E. Smith
    Fundamentals of comparative genome analysis in caenorhabditis nematodes / Eric S. Haag and Cristel G. Thomas
    Genetic methods for cellular manipulations in C. elegans / Menachem Katz
    Fusion PCR method for expressing genetic tools in C. elegans / Yifat Eliezer and Alon Zaslaver
    Transposon-assisted genetic engineering with Mos1- mediated single-copy insertion (MosSCI) / Christian Frøkjær-Jensen
    Creating genome modifications in C. elegans using the CRISPR/Cas9 system / John A. Calarco and Ari E. Friedland
    Observing and quantifying fluorescent reporters / Michael Hendricks
    Microbial rhodopsin optogenetic tools : application for analyses of synaptic transmission and of neuronal network activity in behavior / Caspar Glock, Jatin Nagpal, and Alexander Gottschalk
    Simultaneous optogenetic stimulation of individual pharyngeal neurons and monitoring of feeding behavior in intact C. elegans / Nicholas F. Trojanowski and Christopher Fang-Yen
    High-pressure freeze and freeze substitution electron microscopy in C. elegans / Laura Manning and Janet Richmond
    Electron tomography methods for C. elegans / David H. Hall and William J. Rice
    Microfluidic devices for behavioral analysis, microscopy, and neuronal imaging in Caenorhabditis elegans / Ross C. Lagoy and Dirk R. Albrecht
    Tracking single C. elegans using a USB microscope on a motorized stage / Eviatar I. Yemini and André E. X. Brown
    Imaging system for C. elegans behavior / Matthew A. Churgin and Christopher Fang-Yen
    Method for obtaining large populations of synchronized Caenorhabditis elegans dauer larvae / Maria C. Ow and Sarah E. Hall
    Sampling and isolation of C. elegans from the natural habitat / Nausicaa Poullet and Christian Braendle
    Primer on prototyping / Dylan Lynch and David Biron
    Primer on quantitative modeling / Iulia Neagu and Erel Levine.
    Digital Access Springer 2015