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    edited by Hans-Georg Joost, Hadi Al-Hasani, Annette Schürmann.
    Non-obese diabetic (NOD) mouse as a model of human type 1 diabetes / Kritika Kachapati [and others] -- Assessment of diabetic nephropathy in the Akita mouse / Jae-Hyung Chang and Susan B. Gurley -- BB rat as a model of human type 1 diabetes / Rita Bortell and Chaoxing Yang -- Diabetes in mice with monogenic obesity : the db/db mouse and its use in the study of cardiac consequences / Darrell D. Belke and David L. Severson -- Pathophysiology and genetics of obesity and diabetes in the New Zealand obese mouse : a model of the human metabolic syndrome / Reinhart Kluge [and others] -- TALLYHO mouse as a model of human type 2 diabetes / Jung Han Kim and Arnold M. Saxton -- Diet-induced diabetes in the sand rat (Psammomys obesus) / Nurit Kaiser, Erol Cerasi, and Gil Leibowitz -- Diabetes in Zucker diabetic fatty rat / Masakazu Shiota and Richard L. Printz -- GK rat : a prototype for the study of non-overweight type 2 diabetes / Bernard Portha [and others] -- Experimentally induced rodent models of type 2 diabetes / Md. Shahidul Islam and Rachel Dorothy Wilson -- Investigation and treatment of type 2 diabetes in nonhuman primates / Barbara C. Hansen -- Determination of beta-cell function : insulin secretion of isolated islets / Michael Willenborg, Kirstin Schumacher, and Ingo Rustenbeck -- Determination of beta-cell function : ion channel function in beta cells / Martina Dufer -- Measurement of glucose homeostasis in vivo : glucose and insulin tolerance tests / Francesco Beguinot and Cecilia Nigro -- Measurement of glucose homeostasis in vivo : combination of tracers and clamp techniques / Masakazu Shiota -- Measurement of insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle in vitro / Henrike Sell, Jørgen Jensen, and Juergen Eckel -- Beta-cell autoimmunity / Yannick F. Fuchs, Kerstin Adler, and Ezio Bonifacio -- Positional cloning of diabetes genes / Gudrun A. Brockmann and Christina Neuschl -- Retinal digest preparation : a method to study diabetic retinopathy / Nadine Dietrich and Hans-Peter Hammes -- Lineage tracing of pancreatic stem cells and beta cell regeneration / Isabelle Houbracken, Iris Mathijs, and Luc Bouwens -- Genetic lineage tracing of beta cell neogenesis / Iris Mathijs, Isabelle Houbracken, and Luc Bouwens.
    Digital Access  Springer 2012